Save the MTG Welsh Nationals

To Wizards of the Coast, We the undersigned believe that the decision to abolish the Welsh Nationals will have an adverse effect on the number of players (particularly youngsters) in Wales. Card sales and attendance at Type 2 events will be similarly affected, since players will have little incentive to progress. Transport and accomodation costs make travel within the UK more difficult than in other countries, although the distances involved may be less. We therefore ask that Wizards reconsider the decision and continue to hold separate National championships in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. This petition will be presented to Wizards of the Coast by December 2006


This petition is organised by Jane Nicholas a Magic player from West Wales.


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    Roy Williams, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I think the decision to separate the national championships will not have a good impact on M:TG in Wales. Although Wales and Scotland only form a relatively small percentage of of the UK magic population, they will become even smaller if they are neglected in this fashion. I remember when the Welsh Championship fed into the UK Nationals. Would this not be a happy compromise Perhaps not if the move is purely a cost-cutting exercise, but what about the considerations of long-term damage to the player base There are no PTQs in Wales anymore; by taking away the nationals, what large events do you leave players to look forward to An 8K pre-release When I was younger and starting to get into tournament magic, events like Welsh PTQs and our Nationals really spurred me on. What will our current newer players think instead
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    Sam Williams, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Comments: This year was the first ever time I qualified for Welsh Nationals and I had an amazing time there. In my opinion getting rid of the four separate qualifiers will damage the tournament scene in all the countries and put off players from trying to get involved on organised tournaments. This is because there will be far more travelling involved and the intensity of the competition will increase greatly. I know personally I would find it very difficult to travel to Ireland or Scotland for a tournament and with the increased level of competitiveness I wouldn't enjoy it any where near as much if I could get there.
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    Edward Halliday, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Comments: I no longer live in Wales, but I found nearly all players there far more friendly and more enjoyable to play against than any i have ever met in England. Without the Welsh Nationals, there would be far fewer oppourtunities to meet these players and those wishing to take part in a National tournament would have to play with a far higher proportion of English players, which would definatly make me reconsider playing Magic competitivley, let alone new players! Keep the Welsh Nationals, for the good of magic everywhere!
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