Save The L Word From EZ/Betty

I have been a fan of the L Word since it started 3 years ago. If you\'re like me you may have noticed that starting in season 2 the band Betty and its members kinda creeped into the show to become an unwanted addition to the cast. At this point the cast was already bordering on overload, but at least for the most part these other cast mates could act. Who told these muscians they could act I know The L Word has had it share of bad guest stars or actors, but at least they didn\'t keep coming back. They are like a case of herpes just because you can\'t see them doesn\'t mean they are not going to show up again and again and again. Then somehow in between seasons 2 and 3 the band\'s ring leader, ezgirl, became a producer/writer for the show. This is a woman who says she doesnt care what fans say or think. Well if it wasn\'t for these fans there wouldn\'t be The L Word for her to be using as a showcase for her band and crappy writing. I don\'t think ezgirl or Betty contribute anything to this show, and they won\'t be missed if they were to never have anything to do with this show again. So if you agree with me just go ahead and sign this petition. Repost by putting each line below between a less than and greater sign. A HREF=\"\" img src=\"\"


Like I said Im just a fan of The L Word who is sick of ezgirl and Betty bringing the show down. Ilene is perfectly capable of doing that herself, but at least we wouldn\'t have to suffer through anymore Betty.


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    Matt, United Kingdom

    2 years ago State: AK
    Country: US
    Comments: I know it's over, but I hate them!!
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    rgyneonec, French Guiana

    4 years ago State: Tennessee
    Country: Bolivia
    Comments: VKDcQ2 <a href="">xcmjaiqvuqwk</a>, [url=]bahjfcylhpdi[/url], [link=]brhkoyflsrpf[/link],
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    Karen Williams, Canada

    5 years ago Country: CA
    Comments: It was an obvious rip off, both lyricly and musicly, of "My Favorite Things" and I noticed this the first time I heard it. The song is horribly irritating and repeating it throughout the episode is tortuous. I love the show but will only watch prerecorded versions so I can fast forward past the song.
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