Save Tadcaster Library

It was announced this week that following the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review and the need to save £1.1million during the 2011/2012 period that a number of front line service were to be closed. 

This includes Tadcaster Library

This is in direct contrast to the investment that has been invested in to Pocklington library, at a cost to the local tax payer of £1.3m and the recent renovation of Harrogate library at the cost of £3.4 million!!

Local libraries are essential to our children’s education, they encourage children to read, research and discover facts about the world they live in and develop their education.

A local library is an essential part of the local community.

Help prevent this callous, unsympathetic closure of Tadcaster library by completing the support form and join the campaign to keep Tadcaster Library open.

Please sign the petition and help save Tadcaster Library from closure.




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    jackie giddings, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I called in recently at the Tadcaster library on a trip from Devon to Yorkshire on my family history trail .It was instantly clear to me what a resource the library is to local families and to those, like myself, visiting from further afield. Long may it remain in the community!
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    Gillian Brayshaw, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Tadcaster Library is a fantastic resource to both children and adults. My children have benefited greatly from being able to visit the library.
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    Phil Packham, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I was raised in Tadcaster and have travelled around a lot of the globe, where did i get the desire, my father used the library every week and we went every saturday and read prologues to books then as we waited we read other books, I loved the geographical and facts, my brother novels, without this facility my life would have been restricted to a small area, the internet can can provide information, images, music and all the library does, but not a community facility that gave me a broader view, hell, i even had a book published, it was the library that made me want to read, a thirst for knowledge and to succeed, if a library in each town does that for one child then its served a purpose. Stop selling off all the silver or you will have nothing left to invest in the future of those wo cannot use the internet, those less fortunate and those who want to learn, its not a game, their futures your selfishness. Leave educational establishments to do their excellent work and back off.
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