Save St Joseph from Closing Down! All Invited Students, Parents, Teachers, Old Boys

EREA say that the school is broke. But yet in the latest annual general report (Available from the St Joey\'s Website), the school recorded a Net Profit of $165,323. The first Net Profit in years. The Board say that this decision has been coming for 10 years, but if you read every single Annual General Report and Newsletter for the last 10 years, you will find no mention of the school struggling in any sense. They say the demographic just isn\'t right for growth, but yet only a couple hundred meters away, Simonds Catholic College has recorded its highest ever enrollment, enrolling 157 students in 2008. They say they exhausted all avenues and consulted all people, but yet I can\'t find a single person who knew of the school going through such a process, that is before the letter was sent out by the EREA on Tuesday 26th of August. EREA think they can throw away 100+ years of tradition and get the keys to the school to implement a radical plan for the disadvantaged to get educated and rehabilitated (How does EREA justify such a model could be viable). Its not good enough. If you think this college is worth saving, please join the petition! Your comment must refrain from any personal attacks of any kind as that isn\'t in the St Joes Spirit and your comments will be deleted.




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    4 years ago Comments: Its about time that piece of shit place closed. I've noticed past students i went to school with from 1987 to 1992 write comments on how the spirit of the school brought students closer together, blah, blah, blah.....And yet, these were the same students, as i recall, complaining about how the teachers were so unhelpful to them and didn't really care about the struggling less advantaged kids trying their best. I was a quiet achiever and managed to get great marks by studying harder and asking other people for help. The teachers never had time to answer questions yet alone provide inspiration. Their teaching methods were poor and flippant at best. I remember our physics teacher being so useless in explaining concepts that students walked out of each class even more confused. And then there was our indian English teacher who made it a point to get revenge on students if they remotely misbehaved by marking them down on their common assessment tasks! The only inspiration i had to really rely on was seeing my dad bust his nuts in a factory trying to support his family, which made me think never to end up living a life like that. As i recall also, the students themselves were typical idiot wogs that looked forward to starting trouble with other students and not giving a shit about learning either. God, I was so ashamed going there. My parents couldn't afford any better at the time so I guess i had to put up with it. All my colleges who have written comments know this to be true. In my year, only 15% went to uni in decent courses and this trend hasn't changed ever since in the years following. I know this by looking at school stats at the end of every year in newspapers that print how many went to further education post graduation. And sadly, St Joes has always been poor! And people wonder why parents wont send their kids to St. Joes anymore. Poetic justice and good riddance. My kids will be going to good grammar schools where they'll be atleast taught a better education than St. Joes!
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