Petition To make dog-hog rodeos illegal in Alabama

In Clarke County, Alabama a cruel source of entertainment is held. They call it hog/dog rodeos. This is where they say they can show off a dogs hunting skills by putting the dog in the ring with a pig. The dogs, mostly pit bulls, will then attack the pig by biting it in the neck, snout or anywhere. The pig has no escape as the \"human handlers\" stomp on the pigs faces and kick them to the ground if they try to protect themselves, to allow the dogs to get a better \"lock-jaw\" bite. The pigs scream in pain as dogs chew their snouts, ears and tails and the crowd cheers and laughs. The kids are involved as well, racing to be the fist to wrestle down a pig with a taped snout and broken leg. People pay admission to sit on bleachers, hear music and watch as pigs are destroyed by dogs. This so called form of \"entertainment\" is nothing but cruel animal abuse at its worst. I need your help to shut down this horrible rodeo. Clarke County has not made any charges or arrest because there is controversy on if the rodeo is illegal or not. We need to make this illegal. And I believe it needs to be illegal in the whole state of Alabama. Who is to say they will not move to the next small town. You can help by signing this petition to have the hog/dog rodeos stopped. I will be sending this petition to the governor and state commissioner of Alabama in one month or less if we can get enough signatures. Please tell your friends and forward to anyone who can help.


Hello, thank you for taking interest in helping to make hog/dog rodeos illegal. I believe one person can make a difference. If you would like more information about this horrible rodeo. Please feel free to visit the news article link above. NBC 15, has no part with this petition. I take full responsibility for this petition. Only together can we help save these poor pigs from more harm. Thank you for your time Wendy



  • naomi yokoyama This is so terrible and this is true animal cruelty to let the dogs bite and bite until they die. I wish people that this will just go to hell and never return as they belong with the devil.

  • Silvija Tomic Husnjak Sick people

  • Shirley Andersch This is BARBARIC. How can this be possible in a "civilized" country?????

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