Save Palestine

Palestine has been going through the same ordeal for years; bombs, deaths, and hatered. Israelies may have been the ones able to move into a new country from a holocaust but now they're fighting off people who have much less weapons, money, and people. But you can help save many lives from the hands of the ignorant. Save Palestine and many problems will be eliminated. If Israel and Palestine would not have been fighting, September 11th wouldn't have happened, we wouldn't have gone to war, our family members wouldn't be dying right now, our country would have been at peace with the rest of the world. It's your turn to speak and do something for the better good of the earth. Speak.


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    Amira Hanani binti Abdul Kadir, Malaysia

    2 years ago Comments: Stop violence. Get a life you Israel bastards.
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    Rev. Muk, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: Leave these people alone. Stop using your "god" as an excuse for murder!
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    Mikhayla, United States

    6 years ago
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