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I, TheSoulgirl, petition against the unjust ejection from Soul Source above and beyond the flimsy reason given by a non Administrating Administrator and that concluded by the Administrator. Yes, I'm outspoken, yes, I hold beliefs in a different light to others but YES, my heart belongs to Soul! I may disagree with moderators but that is not without question. Just because they are moderators doesn't mean they are right. Just because YOU don't agree with what I say doesn't mean that I am not entitled to say it. I have been more than absorbing of incoming verbal assault, rudeness and disrespect but I accept it, brush it off, and carry on - that's because I have this strange ability to 'keep it real'. If you don't agree with the 'snuffing out' of TheSoulgirl, sign below. Mind you, if you do agree, sign below anyway, I need a good laugh!


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    Karen, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Thanks Dr Love :o) But really, I'm just an individual who's not afraid to speak her mind or vocally deliver my opinion. Nothing more :o)
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    Frankie Love man, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Soul Girl gainst my better judgement I cannot help but feel sorry for you, you seem to have a desperate need to be recognized. Everything you do shouts help, world I'm here, please notice me. I hope you find that something in your life that you are searching for. But I don't think Soul Source is the place for you to scream for the attention you obviously don't get in reality. Peace Frankie
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    Karen, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I can swear on the lives of my children, all of the 'pro' sigs aregenuine. Some I know, some I don't. Of course, all of the 'anti' sig's are from annonymous signatories... show your faces! ;o) You can take your tonge out of your cheek once you've signed :o)
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