Save River Dell Electives!

A school without freedom. A school without specialties. A school we dislike. Does this sound like the River Dell Regional School District we've all come to know NO. I submit this petition so that the students of River Dell will remain to have a significant amount of Extra-Curricular activities, both after school and during. The opportunities given to us result in such an advancement in imagination and creativity that taking them away from us will result in a major disappointment. Students will stop appreciating and respecting River Dell. The importance of being unique will fade away. Teachers like Mr. Concato are irreplaceable; the best of the best. They represent the importance of electives, and the importance of decision making. I hope I am not mistaken, but aren't our decision making skills what guide us through having a successful life I think so. So find another way to save your money. Here's an idea: ditch Strive for Success. No hard feelings Ms. Pomeroy and Ms. Romanelli, but S4S is a useless class, and a waste of time. In Strive for Success we learn nothing different from that which is already taught to us in Health and English. It's pointless. I don't think that the Board of Education understands the importance of the electives. The BoE underestimates the significance of beneficial education (knowledge that will stick with us for the rest of our lives) these electives give us. Just as an example of the uproar this decision will cause without the students and the parents of the students will cause, look at what students are doing right now. I mean, wow, I'm usually a lazy person, but here I am, sitting at my computer typing up a petition that PROBABLY wont even be seen by the BoE. I also lan to band together a physical petition. One signed in school with the EXACT same words on it. The electives are here to STAY. Tyler Kane Young Kim


The students of River Dell schools.


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