S.O.N. -- Save Old Neopets

What happened Why do my pets look funny April 26/27th 2007, Neopets decided to take a leap. They gave the neopets a major revamp leaving the hard workers shocked and many throwing away accounts. This is all reasonable if you know how hard it is to earn all of it. We will have our ways always, and we are persistent until Neopets is changed. Our Neopets were innocently changed without warning or option.. It\'s just not worth that 600k anymore, is it Nor that 6million Nah. To be scammed is just as bad. SUPPORT THE SON PROJECT. SAVE OLD NEOPETS! Please take the time to join the petition! Once we have 600 or more signatures this will be sent to TNT.


If you have joined this petition PLEASE post a link to it on your user lookup.


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    Siel_Klavar, United States

    1 year ago Comments: The old pictures gave Neopets life and character, now they just stand there no matter what happens.
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    gelert_123, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I hate the way all the new pets look! Bring back the old Neopets!
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    Alvaro, United States

    2 years ago Comments: please bring it back for everyone sake it was amzing or have a side of old neopets an new neopets and people get to choose old stuff or new you can even use this for premium to get more pruim members it would help and let old accounts and already made accounts choose too just test it outPlease bring back the old layout and neopet artwork the krawks, hissis,and jetsams used to be amazing now they look horrible please bring at least the artwork back I miss also the old events and plots andat
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