May Ray Nagin Needs To Lead Us Or Leave.

Mayor Ray Nagin\'s negligent \"leadership\" has resulted in damage to our local economy. He has slowed recovery and has allowed crime to become rampant and out of control. If you agree, please sign below. If you are an ORLEANS Parish voter please type \"ORLEANS PARISH VOTER\" in comment section after you type in your name on petition signature. Please forward this to everyone you know who cares about New Orleans. If 1000 or more Orleans Parish voters sign this petition that would qualify this petition for a possible RECALL ELECTION of Mayor Ray Nagin. 18 states allow recall elections and Louisiana is one of them. The purpose of this petition is to get the message to City Council that the people of New Orleans want change. Ray Nagin needs to start leading New Orleans now or leave New Orleans. If Ray Nagin is not able to do his job, then he needs to be removed from office or to be forced to resign for his negligence as Mayor of New Orleans. What will it take for you to want change in New Orleans Do you think the Mayor is doing his job Do you think the Mayor has helped New Orleans or hurt New Orleans If the Saints started off the season 0-10 would you have wanted the coach fired The Saints have a great coach and a LEADER! Look at the results. Is Mayor Nagin 0-10 Let your signature speak for you. The deadline to sign the petition is 2/01/07. The next day, this petition will be forwarded to City Council. Change can only happen if you want it to. Together we can do this.


The People who care about New Orleans


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    2 years ago Comments: - Dear Crazy,Ha! I feel this post I even wrote a song (and posted it to yotuube of all things) on the insanity of motherhood (called you're insane: a song about motherhood). This quote is perfect and I may hang it in my study then I can look at it as I am dreaming of taking on ANOTHER project and know that I'm just on my way to greatness or maybe I'm just more bark than anything else.Love,Nutty With a Crazy After-Taste in NE
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    3 years ago Comments: Dear Mehtap,I wanted to rpesond to your request for help to improve your teaching. Please read my blog post on the Electronic Village Online (EVO). This is an annual event that is free-of-charge. The sessions for this year have already been given, but you can still look at the 5-week courses online and learn about the (free) tools and research findings to include technology in the classroom and/or teaching online. Join the EVO sessions in January of 2012! Look for the invitation to participate in December of this year.
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