Save Nicole Tranquillo

This is to petition someone in the music industry to offer Nicole Tranquillo, a top 24 contestant on season 6 of American Idol on Fox, a recording deal. Please recognize that she is a rare and special talent deserving to be heard by the masses.


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    Tyler Brubaker, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Nicole was so robbed by American Idol. She has an outstanding voice and the only reasons she lost were because she didn't have any air time prior to hollywood, and people listen to the website, screw up the entire competition by voting to keep the worst person around. She deserves to get a record deal because she has so much talent.
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    Quimbly, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: It's unfortunate that singers like Nicole (if there are others as good as her, that is) gets voted out of the Idol competitions so early. What an incredible performance of "Stay" she did. Erykah Badu's got nothing on Nicole. I can see that Nicole does indeed love that song because it shows. I had to rewatch that performance many times over and each time I enjoyed it more. Nicole displayed better range and control than anyone else in the competition, and absolutely incredible vocal textures. What an amazing technical singer. What an experience it is just to listen. I can't say enough good things about this girl. The reason the song went over Randy's head is because his mind to so locked into typical, boring, redundant pop music that he can't see out of the box even an inch. And what's with Simon's comments Self-indulgent WTF They tell you to be unique and to show off your talent... Well that's what Nicole did to the N-th degree. Play it safe and the judges hate you; go for the gold, show your uniqueness and showcase your real talent, and the judges hate you also. What a sham. I wish there was an Idol competition for really good singers, where people like Nicole would bubble to the top, and crap singers like most American Idol contestants were filtered out even before the top 24. Sigh. I guess it's a testament to the bad taste that most Americans have, and their inability to recognize a good singer when she comes along. Nicole: You go girl. I pray that I might hear some more of you in the future.
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    Jordan, United States

    8 years ago Comments: She has one of the best voices there and got criticized for choosing a unique song choice. While Alaina and Antonella stayed after being hideously awful. It's pretty sad.
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