Save North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood

We, the undersigned, support the land in Glasgow commonly known as the North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood continuing to be a green space for all to use and enjoy.  We object to it being sold off for any housing development by Glasgow City Council.


North Kelvin Meadow Campaign The Children's Wood Team

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign has been working to enhance the value of the land for the local community for over four years, and to raise awareness of it throughout Glasgow and more widely.

The Children's Wood team organise events for children and parents on the land.  They have put on 20 events this year alone, as well as running an outdoor playgroup every Wednesday, come rain or shine, from 10-12, and occasional forest school clubs.  All events are free or low cost.  Come join us!


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    Alexey, France

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    xlpcqdmilk, United Arab Emirates

    2 years ago Where are you from?: Glasgow
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    Desir, United States

    2 years ago Where are you from?: Glasgow
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