Save Linda Carty - British grandmother facing execution in Texas

We, the undersigned, ask that Linda Carty be spared execution.

British grandmotherLinda Cartyis the victim of one of the worstmiscarriages of justice suffered by a British citizen in recent times. She will be executed within months by the state of Texas unless there is a worldwide campaign to save her.

Linda desperately needs your help. Please sign this petition by SCROLLING DOWN the page.

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Read more about Linda's disastrous casehere. Follow Linda's caseon:Reprieve,Facebook, orTwitter


Learn more about Linda's case and follow its progress at Reprieve, on Facebook or via Twitter.


  • Peter Knight I hope for justice for Linda and that the lawyer that originally represented her is struck off. Be strong Linda, the love and support of many are with you.

  • Gina Davis Amen!

  • Colette Montgomery I do not believe Linda received the representation she deserved. It is never right to put anyone to death. but even more so in her case, there are way too many flaws to allow her to die. Please review the case and ensure she has proper representation.

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    Saman Aftab

    1 day ago Comments: Linda was not given a fair trial. Over the course of her entire life, she has been failed by society, the state of Texas, the legal system and her 'Lawyer'. I believe, regardless of Linda's innocence, she deserves to be given another lifeline and a fair chance to fight her case. Given the current evidence and the clear list of failures, Linda's involvement in the unfortunate events that led her to death row become questionable. And the prosecutions evidence and jurors decision should be reviewed. Killing Linda Carty is not going to undo any wrong doings, neither will it bring the victim back or bring any closure to the situation. Therefore, I would like you to take this as my formal written notice towards the petition asking that Linda Carty be spared execution. Best, Saman
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    Lynn Mcintosh

    2 days ago Comments: This woman deserves a fair trial. ths was clearly not the case and therefore the USA state of Texas can not say she deserves to die until she has had fair access to justice. Shame on you Texas
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    Ella Cook

    3 days ago Comments: This woman has been treated unfairly and she hasn't had the support which she deserves. We strongly disagree with the death penalty, and Linda deserves the support of the British public and government in order to bring justice to the case. An eye-opening case which has revealed numerous flaws of the Texas legal system - Linda was represented by one of the State's capital defence attorneys, who's had over 20 of his clients end up on Death Row. How does this portray a fair trial? With no substantially strong evidence nor 100% certainty that Linda convicted the crime, it seems incredulous that she could be sentenced to execution. This woman who has suffered a troublesome life involving drugs, rape and still remains strong, hopeful and full of love for her family, deserves rehabilitation and a fair trail. It is mind-blowing that in today's society, the death penalty still exists - murder of any sort - legal or illegal should not be condemned. What will the execution of Linda Carty achieve? She deserves the right to live.
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