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well Mrs Poole finally resigned and did the best for everyone. Thank you for all signing the petition. This petition is to show the Board of Governors and management that Mrs Poole has no support from students or parents. Mrs Poole is head teacher and therefore she is responsible for management of the school. The school is in huge debt, there has been industrial strike action and it is clear to everyone that the school is not well managed. Mrs Poole is not doing her job to a standard that is acceptable and the major issues keep being ignored. The zero tolerance policy may solve a few of the minor problems with the students but it is not the actions of the students that is a problem. It is the way the school is managed as a whole. Students feel that they are not treated like people by the management and head teacher but just another figure, another person to make up the numbers. This is not the way to help students learn, they need to feel that they as a person are valued and although many students oppose the rules, this is because they do not get a say in what goes on, how they are treated or what are the best ways to be taught. If students were consulted and heard then they would find it only reasonable to follow the rules. The management of the school has failed on minor things like information not getting to students but also on major things like finance. The management have failed the school and the students and this needs to be changed.Please write sensible comments, only sign it once and leave you full name even if you set it as anonymous or the petition will not be taken seriously.Also any comments that are thought to be offensive,rude or irresponsible will be deleted. thank you for your co-opperation.




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    Ali Huddart, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: i adear to this conpletly!
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    Amy Roberts, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I joined the school in September for 6th form. On the 3rd day into the term I returned home crying and felt there was a lack of discipline and organisation within the school. I didn't know for about 2 months who Mrs Poole is- does she ever leave her office aside from on special occasions I once got told by one of my old teacher "never become one of those girls with their skirts up their backsides, my wife went there and the standards have changed" That comment stuck with me for a long time. I still chose KG over all the other schools I could have gone to. I think alot of thing have been poorly explained, for starters our grades are as good as ever, do people realise that we have handicaps put on the school for our results that we recieve, To us these results are still the same but the handicaps are there because we are an all girls school- which the current labour government do not like and because we are a grammar school and mostly middle class. The results are still as good. Secondly by messing around we are not doing the school any favours, why dont we keep our heads down get on with our work and together we will get the grades we want and deserve. By working hard we can all get what is right for us! We find that it is the small minority that spoil it for the majority, why should these persistant offenders be tolerated So yes the zero tolerance policy is a bit late but why do the girls who don't do anything wrong have to worry Thirdly now we are classed as a school causing concern we have an OFSTED this year and IF we get a bad report there will be money showered on the school to make it better At the end of the day, the girls should not worry, although people have questions for Mrs Poole and they have no confidence in her why don't they ask Mrs Andrews or Mrs Lenny for the answers They are probably more clued up than Mrs Poole! Another point is that if you feel you can talk to them then they are the better people to ask. Come on girls why don't we just show how much better than Kings we can be!!
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    James Frost, India

    8 years ago
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