Stop Pollution And Cleanup Greentrails Pond.

Hello fellow katy neighbors. This is Tyler Millette and Taylor Pomilla. We have started this petition for our local Green Trails subdivision pond located in the middle of the neighborhood. This pond is used right now for a place of: 1) throwing trash 1)glass bottles 2)aluminum cans 3)paper 4)plastic 2) graffiti 1)in sewers 2)on side walks 3)harmful substances 1) liquor items 2)oil This all affects our ecosystem. We now have dying fish floating along side,ducks getting harmed or dying due do the cause of the water and items being eaten not knowing what it is. Our pond is now being trashed due to all this happening. Katy Texas is supposed to be a place to live. At this point this is not happening,the Green Trails pond is typically used for walking animals etc., and riding bikes.we want to make this a place to live and enjoy. We think we should get help and clean it up. Stop the pollution because its ruining our enviorment. we also think what should be done is the following: 1)pick up the trash 2)get rid of dead fish 3)find a way to clean water without harming living organismims. 4) get monthly updates on the pond to make sure it is being kept up. 5)also get recycling baskets put up. well thank you for looking at our petition. If you would please send this in a email or tell your friends. Thank you so much!! Taylor Pomilla and Tyler Millette.


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    6 years ago First And Last Name: markie clark
    Comments: yall guys are silly
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    6 years ago First And Last Name: shelby nagley
    Comments: even tough i dont live there anymore i no wat u r talking about....come on ppl sign it
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    6 years ago First And Last Name: Laurenn R
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