TAV ( TGV ) High Speed Train Tunnel: an Imminent Disaster that can be avoided A 8 KM TUNNEL UNDER FLORENCE, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Citizens all over the World , our Municipal Government plans to dig two 8 kilometer tunnels under Florence . Many buildings, even historic ones, hundreds of trees and the stability of the underground water system will be jeopardized by the construction of useless and costly tunnels. Many non invasive options available were simply ignored not for technical but for “political reasons “ (this is our Mayor admitted) . The preparatory surface works for the temporary stop of high speed trains at the central station of Florence-Santa Maria Novella are already causing damages to buildings and houses, with evident cracks and water leaks in foundations that makes mandatory the use of pumps working 24 hours a day under condominiums, imagine what will happen underground! A completely wrong project, based on the false premise that `the more expensive´ the better, in utter violation of urbanistic laws, dangerous for the environment, with costs out of control, imposed on the city. Bids and Contracts were made before knowing whether or not huge problems could be solved and how. Today a `ballet´ of contradictory declarations by our Mayor and administrators as to where to put the station and set tracks that will bear no trains is still going on, ignoring citizens or even ridiculing them taking advantage of the general lack of information. Citizens who have been fighting for years against the dangerous “TUNNEL UNDER FLORENCE, UNESCO WORL HERITAGE” invite you to mobilize in this crucial moment. SIGN NOW, Florence needs your help! After our unforgettable Mud Angels (Flood 1966 ), Florence needs once again your URGENT aid to save its cultural heritage. Remember, FLORENCE belongs to the WORLD!! If You want to help FURTHER • send this information to all your contacts abroad ; • write this message to Florence’s Mayor Matteo Renzi ( ) Mr. Renzi Please, don’t dig holes under Florence ! There are fast and non invasive alternative plans for High Speed trains . OVERGROUND TRAINS coast less and don’t destroy a world class city . SAVE FLORENCE ! Don’t let tunnels ruin its heritage ! Thank You very much Citizens of Florence against the railway tunnel


Citizens against Florence TUNNEL



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