Save Edward Jones!

On the 10th December, 35yo Edward Jones jetted off too Sri Lanka. Edward had been excitedly informing his friends how much he was looking forward to his first holiday in 35years, little did he know hid dream holiday was going to turn into nightmare. Whilst in a bar on the 14th December Edward innocently decided to invite all the men in the bar back to his humble hotel room for what he invisoged to be a educational cultural exchange. After informing them in was British culture to shake hands and pat bums naked the cultural exchange begin in earnst. Edward had gone to great lengths to extend British hospitality by supplying so much alcohol too his guests and insisting they do none stop shots. Later in the evening Edward wanted too demostrate exactly how good the great British NHS healthcare was by offering his guest massages. However, much too Edwards dismay the locals took this the wrong way and our poor, kind, generous Edward now finds himself in a small Sri Lanka jail awaiting sentencing on a charge of: Drunken Misbehaviour and abuse of travel priviledeges. Edward has been informed that should he be found guilty, he faces upto 5 years in a Sri Lanka prison where inmates are forced to serve there sentence without clothes in extremeley cramped enviroments where they practically sleep on top of each other. Also the food is so rotten it has hypnotic trance like effects on those who eat it. In a testament to Edwards character, he has actually requested to stay and serve this sentence and refused the British Embassies help. We cannot let this happen! Please sign the petition to free Edward and bring him back home.


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    Alex "de real deal" Nye, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: Cum back Ed!
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    Webicus, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: looks lik he has capped out at last
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    The Boss, United Kingdom

    6 years ago
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