Help Coach CARP get reinstated at GYBA! Yes, our beloved Coach Carpenter, Married to Lynne 25 years, Home School Dad, Father of 6, Business Owner, 25 Year PGA Golf Pro, FSA Farmer, Charity Fundraiser. Volunteer in: Junior Golf, Former GYBA Board Member and Head Coach, Little Dribblers, NFL Flag Football and Select Basketball has been SUSPENDED FROM COACHING AT GYBA, After grading players in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 at the invitation of GYBA, Coach CARP was suspended without cause the day before the DRAFT! In the Fall of 2010, he was reinstated at the end of the regular season by the current GYBA President for the remainder of the Season and Re-Suspended after Coaching a Base for two games once the current VP (4U-10U) saw that he was Coaching again! He is not allowed to Coach a Base enter the Dugout like other Dads and Moms! Coach CARP's Background Check is Clean for the 2011and has always been Clean! This good man Crushed his Spine in 2009 after a horrific fall off of a ladder at a Local Business in Georgetown. GYBA offered to put on a Fundraiser Tourney for CARP's $200,000+ in Medical Expenses, this Gracious Offer was never executed, No Tourney was ever held! THE REASON FOR THE SUSPENSION-GYBA WILL NOT DISCLOSE BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ONE! Chris Carpenter is a threat to the backwards system in place at GYBA! He will stop the: Daddy Ball, Beer Drinking, Lack of Cash Management, Secret Tournament Teams Hidden within the league, Pre determined All Stars, Board Members Bending the Rules and openly Cheating without ramifications! Non Parent Coaching, Unfair Drafting, Unqualified Coaches! Do you know: GYBA refused to allow a Team of underprivileged Minority Children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Georgetown to play in 9U-10U league as a Team! Do you know that a GYBA Parent offered to put on a Clinic with the Batting Coach of a World Champion MLB Team and was turned down! Do you know that our former President booted a 12 Year Old Girl who was selling Fundraiser Bracelets for a Toddler needing a Heart Transplant from the Concession Stand because she was annoying him! Do you know our current President cussed out a Round Rock Police Officer in front of several families who was using the batting cages for his Select Team when no one was at the Park! Do you know that after the EOS Tourney ends on May 15th there will be pre-selected All Star teams practicing Monday May 16th! Pretty amazing because All Star Players are not even announced until after the EOS! GYBA has run off hundreds of families from GYBA, why are there so many Select Teams out of Georgetown? Sign the petition to Reinstate Coach CARP; he has a group of fair minded families waiting to: Make GYBA a Fun and Fair Place for all Kids, GYBA will offer year round programs for children of all abilities to learn and enjoy the great game of baseball. A Real Screening of Coaches! A program that will offer Select Baseball at GYBA from 7U and older. Please Sign this Petition and Let the Kids Take Back GYBA!



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