Save Undershaw!

Save Undershaw!

“Come, Watson, come!” [Holmes] cried. “The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”
So begins The Adventure of the Abbey Grange as Holmes and Watson rush to assist Stanley Hopkins. Time was of the essence then, and so it is to us now in the race to save Undershaw, former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Hindhead, Surrey, UK.

Your immediate assistance is needed to show the world that saving Undershaw, where The Hound of the Baskervilles and all of The Return of Sherlock Holmes were written, is of great importance to Sherlockians everywhere.

We are gathering signatures from Sherlockians all over the world to show that the preservation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's house as he designed it is of great concern to us--now, and for the generations which will follow us. It is imperative that we show our support before it is too late.

Signers of this petition urge Waverley Borough Council to reject the planning application which would be so detrimental to the building, causing us all to lose this unique connection to the cultural icon of Sherlock Holmes through his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.*

Won't you please complete this petition and add your name to the cause? Please include a positive comment to express your support regarding this literary treasure which may soon be lost to us all. (NOTE: Your information will not be used nor shared with anyone.)

*Wording has been updated to reflect the current threat to Undershaw, but the petition reflects people’s intention to protect Undershaw from any and all development which would be detrimental to the historical significance of this home.

The Undershaw Preservation Trust sincerely thanks you
for your time and effort on behalf of Undershaw.

The game is afoot! Save Undershaw!


Jacquelynn Morris, U.S. Ambassador for The Undershaw Preservation Trust


Visit our site for more information about the campaign to save Undershaw.

Friends of Undershaw--our campaign owes a great debt of gratitude for the support of the following:


  • Danny Somewhat ironically - there is absolutely no mystery as to why Undershaw should be saved - it's an important part of our national heritage of course! Elementary my dear... friends!

  • daniela vega It is apalling that, after all these years and all the effort put behind saving this building, the Council insists on destroying such a monument to a genius. Their reasons behind this decision are lost to me, but know that we will keep supporting Undershaw no matter what! Money is no replacement to heritage, people.

  • Olli Markkanen Save the house!

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    Olli Markkanen

    3 days ago What country do you live in?: Finland
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    Comments: Save the house!
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    Laurent Curelly

    5 days ago What country do you live in?: France
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    Paul B. knowles

    2 weeks ago What country do you live in?: United Kingdom
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    Comments: To Sherlock Holmes this would always be THE house, I would seldom hear him mention any other house as good as this one under the honourable title of THE HOUSE. Come on folks let's keep it!!!!!!!
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