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In late December of 2005, the Music Publishers\' Association has declared online tablature to be illegal, and are planning to close down numerous tab sites. They already closed down mxtabs, one of the biggest tab sites on the web! Soon, the only way for kids to be able to jam freely is if they take the time and money to find the right kind of book with the specific music in it. Sign here and agree that tabs should be avaible to the immediate public!


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    Mike Austin, United States

    8 years ago Comments: This is stupid, its like telling me I can't teach my younger sibling a riff on the guitar because I don't own the rights to play it. Stupid. This is a violation of a free exchange of information. I'm not stealing the music, I paid for the album(s). This is just another way for people to hinder my learning of the guitar for their own monetary benefits.
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    jesse, United States

    8 years ago Comments: if putting tabs online is theft then learnig a song by ear is theft and if thats theft then we might as well make it illegal to learn to play an instrument we look for tabs to learn to play not to make money not to STEAL why doesnt the mpa start sueing cover bands and anybody who records a song they didnt create why dont we make it illegal to play a cd in our places of business for background music why dont we make it illegal to have jukeboxes make it illegal for DJs to spin records someone has used on a record already why dont we make it illegal to live and breathe and die for that matter music is life and love next thing you know they'll be putting an age limit on guitars and give us a 3 day waiting period to buy one why not just kill us all now i'm sending this email to the mpa everyday and am having others do so harras them like they harass us
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    chad clark, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I think it should be legal to share our own interpretation of how a song I played in no way do I think that is copyright.
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