Save the Harry Potter Movies!!

As you all probally know lots of things were changed in the 3rd Harry Potter movie. Some for the better some for the worst. But is this a sign for worst things to come The Dursley\'s are going to be cut fromt he 4th movie and they want to make the 700+ page book into 1 2 hour movie! And whats with Hermionie\'s hair getting less bushier wih each movie and Draco\'s hair hanging all loose. Did any of you ever read about that in the book Of course not because it wasnt there. If they do that to the 4th book just think of what they will do to the 5th one. Thats why we have to speak up and tell them how we feel. After all they won\'t make money if we don\'t buy their movies or go to the theaters. So take time out to sign this petition.


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    Blaine Karbonik, Canada

    8 years ago
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    Janine Gilliland, United States

    8 years ago State: SC
    Country: US
    Comments: I have enjoyed ALL of the Harry Potter books and movies and would be heartbroken to see him die!!! Especially after all he's been through!!! To be killed off, how tragic!!!! Many children around the world would feel let down. I really dopn't see JK Rowling doing that to them all.
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    Mugdha Nagrath, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Country: GB
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