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Walsall Museum is safe from closure!

Please sign this petition to save the Walsall Museum.

For the sake of saving £70,000 Walsall Council are proposing to close the Walsall Museum with no guarantees that the museum will be incorporated elsewhere.

Walsall's heritage will be flushed away, the costumes and many items of our history will rot away in a storage depot, the industries and the lives of those people who worked in them lost forever, the cultural, scientific and artistic identity of our past thrown away.

When I was a kid I used to love the school trips to local museums, it sparked my interest in history, being able to get close up to the artifacts of the past, I want the kids of tomorrow to be able to enjoy the experience I had, not to be told Walsall has 'no museum'.


  • Roz Parkes This is our heritage! Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has just created a similar exhibition to great acclaim. We were the trail-blazers in Walsall: why lose this for the sake of £70.000? How much is that per head of population compared with our own history which is beyond price?

  • Alan Harrison Can a borough with one of the worst educational records in the country - including the constituency with the second lowest proportion of graduates - realy contemplate closing its museum? The £70K only amounts to a few pence per resident.

  • Anonymous Walsall Museum is an important aspect of the towns history and our heritage! Save the museum for future generations who will be able to educate themselves of what Walsall was all about!

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    Mary Dodkins

    10 months ago Comments: This is unacceptable. So little money neede in the great scheme of things to keep our heritage alive.
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    Lee Kettle, United Kingdom

    12 months ago Comments: Hi there, my name's Lee and I'm a news reporter working for the Walsall Advertiser. This week we are covering the great news on the proposal to close the Museum being reconsidered, and I wondered if the petition organiser would like to contact me? My number is 01922 721111 or you can email me at - thanks!
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    sue smith, United Kingdom

    12 months ago Comments: most of our heritage hasbeenlost.Keep themuseum and close the dirty out dated gala baths
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Petition highlights

  • People power! Walsall Council have announced the proposal would be removed from the 2014/15 budget. The £70,000 will be covered from reserves. Thanks to all of you who signed the petition! You have helped to save the Walsall Museum.
  • Please make people aware of this petition, post it on your Facebook page, tweet on Twitter!, email your contacts. Thanks to all who signed.
  • We are now live!