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Dear friends and supporters of the Tunisian Cultural Center, In this revolution of freedom and democracy, Tunisia should expand her culture all over the world. Instead, the Tunisian Center has been ordered to close. We need your support NOW. We need to defend the noble cause of the global language of culture, which has no political color, and bring the new image of the free and democratic Tunisia to the world. If you believe that the Tunisian Center should remain open, and that Director Remadi Nour should remain as head of the Center, please add your name to our petition with a comment explaining your support. Then forward this petition to as many people as possible. Dear Friends, please vote democratically and rationally, and help us save the ONLY Tunisian Cultural Center in the United States. We thank you for your trust and support. Sincerely, The Petitioners for the Tunisian Cultural Center





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    naima remadi, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Activities accomplished by the Tunisian Culture Institute in New York For those who ignore what did the Tunisian Culture Center of New York, we are presenting you the Agenda of the 3.5 years of activities. The following are the Big lines and every activity is documented with pictures, DVDs' and reports 1)Grand Opening the Day of the Republic Day July 25th, 2007 and NOT 7 November 2) Last Friday of every month "Poetic Forum" Abou-El-Kacem-Chebbi 3) Frst Tunisian International Parade Day last Saturday of June 4) Painting exhibition monthly at the Tunisian Culture 5) Special Touristic Day presentation in January at the Tunisian Center (or auditorium) 6) Special Jewish Tour Presentation at the Tunisian Culture Center (or auditorium) 7) Special Program:Discover Tunisia" in High schools of the 5 boroughs.(monthly) 8) NAAP manifestation every year promoting books, pamphlets, brochures about Tunisia 9) The US Scouts and the Tunisian Scouts in USA (activities, exchanges, promotions and museum of the US Scout Camp and a Section for Tunisia 10) Arabesque Festival Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Tunisian Culture Center worked hard to exhibit fashion traditional wedding dresses from Tunisia 11) Arabic classes for the Tunisians (children and adults) and non-Tunisians every week-end 12) Promoting workshop into the Educational system in New York State with a Pilot Program launched by the Tunisian Culture Center 13) Special Pre-Ramadan festivity 14) Sahra Ramadaniyya every year, Eid and Eid Idha 15) Independence Day in a Theatre such as Engelmann at Baruch College Theatre and so on .. 16) One time a year, the 7 november manifestation which is a due to every Tunisian government institution . 17) August 13, the Personal Status Code for the Tunisian Woman Day and its achievements . 19) An International Cross-Cultural Day for the melting pot New York at the Tunisian Culture Center. 20) Every manifestation in City Hall or by other Organizations such as African Organizations or Arab Club of the United Nations have seen the presence of Tunisia and its Culture message/mission. 21) We want to increase bridging gaps and exchanges between America & Middle-East and North-Africa with workshops on Democracy as well as between Entrepreneurs increasing trades and business opportunities. 22) We also want to mention the contribution of the Tunisian Culture Center in helping decide TYCO, a worldwide International Company choose Tunisia for its Headquarter to distribute and produce its goods. 23) The Tunisian Culture Center helped and facilitated links between Riadh Ettounsi and some famous personalities to go on Dandana TV. 24) The Tunisian Culture Center contributed in exchanges between American Students from the AFS and Tunisian students. 25) The Tunisian Culture Center recieved and facilitated Artists exhibitions such as Lotfi Bouchnak,Ferid Boughedir, Fatma Saidane, Fatma Turki 26) The Tunisian Culture Center sent brochures, posters, informations to American Tourists that visited Tunisia 27) Request of help, Visas, Citizenship for children of Tunisians from mixed marriage 28) At the Tunisian Culture Center, we also helped Tunisians with needs such as lawyers, social needs, or Tunisian orientation on how to create and what is needed to have a business in Tunisia 29) It is our Duty and we always follow what J.F.Kennedy said:Ask Yourself what you can do for your Country; don't ask your country to do something for you. 30) I invite all Tunisians who beleive in the Revolution and are willing to develop and showcase the Tunisian Culture in America to come forward and lead
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    Dina Hassen, Egypt

    4 years ago Comments: The Tunisian center is a great asset to the Tunisian and Arab community at large, and Naema Remadi did a fantastic job of running it and putting together very memorable events.
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    Mohamed Elhaj Hoseen, United States

    4 years ago Comments: The center is key to promote Tunisia's image and help the Tunisian tourism industry benefit from upscale American travelers. The kind of travelers who would be interested in discovering our 3,000 years history, our culture, our capacity as Tunisians to overcome the hardest obstacles, is absolutely needed.
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