Save the Russell Road Trees!

Wanneroo City Council has decided to chop down the grand fig trees on Russell Road in Madeley, after receiving a petition signed by just 35 people. Please don't let this happen!


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  • Alex Jones The trees look beautiful and healthy. It would be a great pity to thin them out and reduce wildlife habitat. Many trees in the metro area have been badly thinned out and have lost their appeal leaving lots of bare branches. It would be best to engage a qualified arboricultural consultant to provide sound advice before any work is done to these wonderful public assets.

    Looking around Perth there are quite a few diseased and tired trees. This stand looks great! I just can't see what the issue is other than someone has most likely been given a lot of wood-chipping to proceed with as of Monday. This was the scenario at Manning Rd. in the City of Canning that eventually led to the trashing of 168 wonderful tree, and for no substantiated reason!.

    Considering there is no footpath under the trees where most of the litter falls, sweeping up litter on any nearby paving shouldn't be such a problem for the City. It would certainly be much cheaper than the cost of destroying the trees and adversely affecting local real estate values by many thousands of dollars. Did Councillors even consider the many Tree Benefits to the health of the community from this extraordinary stand of trees?

  • Judy Stonehouse Hi Lisa
    I have messaged you through FB. It is urgent that I speak with you regarding tomorrow's council meeting.

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    Jacqui & Rod innis

    6 months ago Comments: The trees have got to stay. How could anyone even think of pulling them out. It would be crime against nature. These trees have been here for years, long before the new residence across he road moved in. They are a living thing, of course they will drop leaves. For thoes that are complaining ,maybe they should move further up the coast ,There are a lot of new suburbs up that way with NO TREES.
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  • THANK YOU to everyone who has signed the petition so far. Now we'd like to ask that you head over to and sign the official City of Wanneroo petition. Spread the word! And please keep checking the website for updates - we may need your help at a special electors' meeting.
  • For the latest on the trees, please visit
  • Here's the latest: I've asked our local councillor (Brett Treby) to consider a rescission motion to modify the trees. We're suggesting that the trees be thinned out - particularly on the east side, where they're causing the most trouble - and maintained, but NOT REMOVED. Let's hope he agrees to this rescission motion, as it's the best chance we've got of saving these beautiful old trees.
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