Save the Ocean Mist !

On June 24th, at 6pm, there will be a hearing at the Coastal Resources Management Council at 1 Capitol Hill in Providence. The topic....which seawall comes to Matunuck. The Town of South Kingstown wants to build a seawall which will be built along the road, at the cost of the tax payers for several million dollars. Our position is that it will destroy the beach, it will destroy the Ocean Mist and will not protect the road, the water main or the people of Matunuck.

Not only will their proposed wall not protect anything, the act of drilling the sheet piles for it will most likely damage the Ocean Mist irreparably.

Our position is that it makes more sense to re-build the existing seawall, where it has historically been for many years. This wall is farther out towards the ocean, will better protect the road, the water main, the beach, the Ocean Mist, Tara's Pub and many private landowners. AND it would be at Kevin Finnegan's, the owner of the Ocean Mists expense. The Town can use the State's Department of Transportation (DOT) money to do other projects in other areas of the Town.

Since Hurricane Sandy, there is increased precedent for permits to be granted for the rebuilding of sea walls like the one that has historically existedadjacent tothe Ocean Mist. The Ocean Mist and Kevin Finnegan want to take on the responsibility and thecost to repair and maintain the already existing historic wall, which in our eyes is a win ~ win for everyone.

How can you help, signing this petition is a help. Sending letters to your local and state representatives showing your support for a decision in our favor. Lastly,you can go tothe CRMC hearing, being held in Providence at 6pm on June 24th to show your support in person.Whatever you can do would be appreciated.

Thank your for all your help and years of support!


  • Aubrey McCarthy My parents pay taxes in SK and I live at the O mist in the summmer, screw some useless wall go to ganssett if you want to sit on a wall!

  • Steffy-Maya Fiftal Save the Mist!!! <3

  • Christine Rockwell Keeping Matunuck stable is vital to the whole South Kingstown community!

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    pat daley

    4 hours ago Comments: own a cottage at carpenters beac meadow and agree 100% THAT THE EXISTING SEAWALL SHOULD BE REBUILT!!!!!
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