Save the Kea, the world’s only mountain parrot, needs your help!

New Zealand's National Pest Control Agencies will be SPREADING BY AIR 1080 POISON that will KILL OUR NATIVE KEA PARROTS!

They will be dropping the poison when our native Kea Parrot is very hungry as its food supply is very scarce in winter.


The first time they will spread just flavoured cereal.

The second time, will contain deadly 1080 poison.


We will present this petition to the NZ Prime Minister John Key and members of parliment to make them take action.


Kea will eat the cereal baits and die. They will also be poisoned if they drink from ponds and alpine tarns where the baits lie, or scavenge poisoned carcasses or eat the dying insects surrounding the poisonous baits.

No bird repellent will be used to avoid harm to our Native Kea Parrot, No repellent has been successful so far.

We need your help to save our Native Kea and to STOP New Zealand National Pest Control Agencies dumping 1080 poison in our environment.

Each year New Zealand's National Pest Control Agencies dump enough 1080 poison to kill 20 million people!


Visit the 1080Science website to find out more on the harmful effects of 1080 Poison.


  • Steve Clark With respect I urge all to investigate the state of "democracy" in this country that allows the wishes of the people, as expressed in petitions, to be ignored by the executive. The executive have disconnected themselves from the parliamentary process and answer to and act for external controllers.
    I believe that the only chance that people have to make a difference is to ask the people who design, give consent for and initiate programmes such as 1080 operations or water fluoridation to accept full responsibility and liability for any damage or injury that is proven to have occurred as a consequence of the operation. To that end a "liability acceptance declaration" (see below) is offered to the key people. They will have no qualms about signing it because first and foremost they are human beings and they would not be a part of any activity that they know could cause injury or damage to their fellow human beings or the environment.

    Liability Acceptance Declaration

    This liability acceptance declaration is a vehicle that I, the signer, am using to convey to the public that the confidence I have in the due care that I have taken to reach the final decision that I have signed off on that initiates the carrying out of the activity(s) named below allows me to take full responsibility for all of the consequences arising from the carrying out of the activity(s) and to willingly accept unlimited commercial and personal liability for all damages that are proven to have been caused as a result of the carrying out of the activity(s) that I have signed off on.

    The activity:
    My Role in the activity(s):

    I declare that I have taken due care in my decision-making process, including reviewing the information and scientific studies that are pertinent to the activity without prejudice and I have not excluded any information or scientific study that has been offered and all parties have been treated equally. This allows me in full confidence to attest to the fact that the activity(s) that are carried out as a result of my decision will cause no damage.

    I declare that I hereby accept unlimited commercial liability and unlimited personal liability for all damages to the health, food, drinking water, habitats/ecosystems of humans, stock, flora/fauna/invertebrates, etc., affected directly and indirectly during and after the abovementioned activity for an unlimited period that can be proven to have occurred as a consequence of the carrying out of the activity(s).

    I accept responsibility and all consequences for any breach of New Zealand, Nu Tireni and/or international laws, statutes, legislations and bills that is proven to have occurred as a result of the implementation of the activity(s).

    I accept all responsibility and unlimited commercial liability and personal liability for all economic damage caused by any injury to New Zealand’s reputation as a tourist destination and as a producer of safe food, and any disruptions to exports caused by loss of confidence in the safety of New Zealand products that is proven to have been caused by the carrying out of the activity(s).



  • Whiti Awarau stop needless slaughter of these beautiful

  • wendy Mitchell Ban 1080..

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