Save the Ceredigion County Badgers from Culling

This is an issue which may well be of concern to the people of Wales in the very near future. At present there is no culling of badgers in Wales and badger vaccination programmes are being successfully carried out.

The Welsh Assembly is, however, under pressure to change this policy, to allow the slaughter of badgers across Wales and to end the vaccination programmes.

This petition (and others across Wales) is being set up to give our badger population protection against these possible changes.

It gives local people the chance to have their say and it gives local councils the chance to protect badgers on council-owned land and to invest in local badger vaccination projects.

To preserve the integrity of this petition please only sign it if you live, work or study in the Ceredigion County Council area.

For details of badger petitions please contact B-R-A-V-E

We, the undersigned, call on the Ceredigion County Council to prohibit the culling of badgers on council-owned land and invest in vaccination programmes locally. We ask this because we believe culling to be inhumane, inefficient and unscientific.


Norma Kearton



  • Mandy Chisholm SAVE OUR BADGERS!!!!

  • Netia Louis-Preece Inoculation not the destruction of British wildlife !
    Please pledge your committal to the badger inoculation programme and ensure that plans that lead to the culling of badgers do not become adopted by Wales.
    Thank you for leading the way in humane treatments of Bovine Tuberculosis and ensuring badgers have a safe place to live.

  • Nelson Sykes The slaughter of badgers (or 'the cull', as described by the pro-camp) has no scientific basis. The recent lame attempt at such a 'cull' shows the failure of such a programme. Control the disease by vaccination - a proven technique.

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