Save Phill Robertson on Duck Dynasty A & E

A & E has chosen to do something absurd by removing Phil from the show due to a comment he ( and I ) believe to be true. As a fan I watch the show for entertainment while also believing we share similar values regarding family. A & E is now bowing to the pressure of certain special interest groups to remove him from the series. Well I am also a member of a "special" group. Haha.... The Phil spoke what he believes and should be applauded not suspended group. Please sign this petition if you support my view and his . After we gather the signatures I plan to send this to all A & E executives in a show of support .


  • Michael Nielsen A&E is unamarican for infringing on Phill Robertson's free speech. He must be reinstated and paid damages for what you have done to his reputation.

  • Anonymous speaking from the best book in the world shouldnt come with punishment. phill is a great guy (from what i see on tv). he did nothing wroung. Next thing you know youll get put in jail for eating your vegtebles!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous I am gay, but I don't want to live in a world where people can have their 1st amendment rights trampled. For shame A&E

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