Title of Petition: High School Grade Point Averages The undersigned would like to respectfully petition the grading policy that was enacted for the school year 2013-2014, the 9th Grade and future incoming students. We want the new grading system removed for the graduating class of 2017 and future graduating classes. We want to put back the grading system that is currently used for 10th, 11th and12th grades. This new grading system will DRAMATICALLY LOWER GPA’s. The GPA is one of the most important factors used in the college admissions process. It will put the students at a disadvantage in applying for college admissions, honors program admissions, and merit scholarships. At risk students will be more likely to drop out. This new system will lower GPA’s by as much as .33. A student with a 90-92 average will no longer receive a 4.0. If a student has a straight average of 92 they will get a 3.67 not a 4.0. A straight B+ student with an 87-89 average in every class will no longer receive a 3.5 GPA they get a 3.33. A student with a B- (80-82 average) gets a GPA of 2.67. In addition in this new grading system there is no A+ in the scale. This means that a student in all college prep classes with straight A’s and a single A- will NEVER be able to redeem his/her 4.0 because there is not a 4.33 GPA score available to balance out that single 3.67 on his/her record! Thank you for taking the time to consider this petition. A multitude of signatures would show the school system that it’s students and parents at large believe in the spirit of academic fairness. ******PLEASE NOTE that you may sign the petition without giving money to the site. Just sign the petition, click on the donation, continue and when it asks you for credit card information just close out the link. Your signature will remain. THANK YOU NEW GRADING POLICY FOR 9th GRADE: Letter Numerical Unweighted Weighted Grade Grade NEW Grade Policy NEW Grade Policy A 93-100 4.0 5.0 A- 90-92.99 3.67 4.67 B+ 87-89.99 3.33 4.33 B 83-86.99 3.0 4.0 B- 80-82.99 2.67 3.67 C+ 77-79.99 2.33 3.33 C 73-76.99 2.0 3.0 C- 70-72.99 1.67 2.67 D+ 67-69.99 1.33 1.33 D 63-66.99 1.0 1.0 D- 60-62.99 .67 .67 F 59.99 & below 0 0 GRADING POLICY FOR 10th, 11th, & 12th GRADES : Letter Numerical Unweighted Weighted Grade Grade Grade Policy Grade Policy A 90+ 4.0 5.0 B+ 85-89 3.5 4.5 B 80-84 3.0 4.0 C+ 75-79 2.5 3.5 C 70-74 2.0 3.0 D+ 65 -69 1.5 1.5 D 60-64 1.0 1 F Less than 60 0 0



  • heidi rehberger I do not agree with the new grading system. I have a daughter in 10th grade and an 8th grader. I don't think its right that the 8th grader will have a lower gpa with the exact same grades.

  • Frank Olivieri This new grading system is nothing but a detriment to a student's grade point average and should be replaced by that used in the upper grades.

  • Mary Moran Please remove the new grading system and go back to the system used for 10th - 12th graders.

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