Save our animals

Hunting for enjoyment is wrong.

Hunters are killing innocent and harmless creatures. It is cruel to get pleasure from other animals pain and prayers. They give us supplies without any complaint, and what do we do in return?

We hunt them.

Their lives are just as important as ours. Would you kill

another human being “just for fun”?

I didn’t think so.

So why would you do it to an animal?

What did they do to us to deserve such cruel treatment


Imagine a day filled with fear. A day when you are doing nothing but hiding from creatures that are slowly wiping out your population. Would you like to live in an environment like that?

I know you wouldn’t.

So why are we making animals live a life like that?

The only reasonable answer is “just for fun.”

Listen to how silly that sounds.

If your friend asks you, “Why are you going hunting?” You would have no reasonable reply. The only thing you can say is, “I’m going hunting because it is fun to get pleasure from hurting others.”

That is unreasonable.

Slowly, we will make every species extinct with our careless hunting. We believe that hunting for fun should never been a sport in the first place.

We will help the poor animals out there that are cowering in fear of us!

Think about it.

If you don’t care about the animals out there, STOP READING THIS!!!

If you do care, continue reading.

We are guests in the animals world. We need to be good guests and treat our animal hosts kindly.

Thank you if you signed below.

If you didn’t sign below, give it another shot of thinking,

We appreciate your support if you signed below.

Think about it again...

We would like it if you also put your last name including your first name.

Sign below if you want to have this stopped.

Please sign below if you think that hunting should be stopped.


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    eric lam

    9 months ago Do you want to wipe out hunting for fun?: i do not want animals to die
    Comments: umm...hi i likes animals
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    manuela wolter, Costa Rica

    1 year ago Do you want to wipe out hunting for fun?: Yes
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    carine, Belgium

    1 year ago Do you want to wipe out hunting for fun?: yes
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