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Following the Disney-Lucasfilm merger, Disney began to systematically demolish many Lucas projects that had already been set in place. Most notably, and most controversially, it has canceled the Clone Wars tv series. Now, it appears to be a distinct possibility that Lucasarts will also feel the effects of the merger. In the midst of two major projects - 1313 and First Assault - Lucasarts has become somewhat distant and reluctant to talk recently. Kotaku has reported, however, that though 1313 continues production, First Assault may never be released. Lucasarts employees are even beginning to leave the company for more stable prospects. Star Wars had been trending to more casual games recently, but those of us who remember and love the older games - Battlefront, KOTOR, even back to X-Wing and TIE Fighter - know that casual isn't enough for Star Wars. Keep Lucasarts on its feet, and we may keep more along the lines of Battlefront 3 than Star Wars:Angry Birds Episode 5.

A petition isn't a guarantee of results - but they are powerful. Let's keep Disney fromkilling everything we love about Star Wars - everything that doesn't fit in their idea of the new trilogy.



  • Sebastian Fox LucasArts was one of the history writing studios in Gaming. I don't understand why you closed it. Even if you dont like the Star Wars the fans love, why dont you let it live for our sake? Let them get up again - and take the old prgrammers, artists, authors.... make it like it was in the 80's, 90's and in 20xx. Come on!

  • Marcus weinberger Dear disney,
    My family and I have been faithful customers since before I was born. I am boycotting your company.

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