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Save Lebanon Hills

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This Petition will be used to voice your objection to any additional paved Bike Trails in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. The County Commissioners are currently contemplating multiple regional trails through the park. These trails will all be 10-12' wide, with 2-3' mowed buffers on either side. The contemplated trails include:

Paved Connector Trail: 6.5 miles long; East to West through the interior of the park from the mountain bike trail over to Jensen Lake. This path will replace existing woodlands and be developed along wetlands, ponds and lakes, including along the north side of Jensen Lake.

Paved Vermillion Highlands Greenway Trail: North to South inside the eastern edge of the park from Cliff Road to 120th Street, parallel to Dodd Road.

Paved Additional Regional Trails: Mendota-Lebanon Hills Greenway, the North Creek Greenway and the Rosemount Regional Greenway... a paved trail connecting through the park.

Paved Trails around Holland and McDonough Lakes.

By signing the petition below your voice and opinion, objecting to these proposed paved trails, will be heard. Lebanon Hills Regional Park currently consists of approximately 2000 acres which contain nearly all natural trails. The County Commissioners, Metropolitan Council, Parks Dept, elected officials, community planning boards and the local community value your input. You are making a difference in preserving the historic Lebanon Hills Regional Park for generations to come.

Signers of this petition include nature-lovers, hikers, birders, conservation-minded people, runners, and members of Dakota County and wider communities.

Please Note: Your email address will not be used inappropriately, nor displayed on this website after you sign the petition below. We will only email you about updates related to the Save The Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Please sign both first and last names. And please share this petition with others that care, we CAN Preserve the current nature of the park! Thank you for your support!


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  • Bridget Handke
    Bridget Handke United States, Lakeville
    Jan 26, 2014
    Jan 26, 2014
    Please preserve Lebanon Hills as the natural preserve that it is. Paving a road/path through the park will ruin the natural beauty of the park. We have the best park in the region, lets keep it that way.
  • Anonymous
    Nov 30, -0001
    Nov 30, -0001
    Building roads and partitioning up a beautiful asset like this park is not responsible


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    Megan Putler
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    Nancy Roussy
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    Bridget Handke United States
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