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KCI is an extremely easy airport to use. In fact, JD Power and Associates consistently rate KCI as one of the best airports in the country for passengers. The Kansas City Mayor and City Council want to tear down the recently renovated terminals (Terminals had a $250,000,000 renovation a few years back) and replace them with a $1,200,000,000 single terminal. This single terminal will increase waiting time, ticket prices and the long term debt obligations of the city. By signing this petition you are telling the Mayor and City Council to leave the airport alone and to not waste $1.2 billion of your money on this blatantly obvious pork project.


Citizens for Responsible Government


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Watch Kansas City Councilman Russ Johnson flee from Mike Mahoney's questions after the airport hearing



  • David Lopez Pls save KCI

  • Dale Meyer I don't see HOW the city leaders can justify trying to spend OUR money on this proposed KCI remodel. I know that the city government likes to spend money (and spend and spend and spend), but aren't they spending enough on the streetcar to nowhere?

  • Jacques Barber I fly in and out of KCI from twice to four times every month and I've flown into most of the major airports in the country - and a few really small ones too. I LOVE our airport! I've tried to be objective and listen to those who don't like it. I concede that some improvements can be made; but the convenience for getting in and out just can't be beat. I just HATE the "cattle herd" and "Bataan Death March" through those huge megalithic airports. Yes, the airport was built before 9-11, so it had to be retrofitted to accomodate TSA requirements, so that did create some space issues. And yes it would be nice to have more food options. I've heard some complain about shuttles to get a rental car - my response is "ever been to Phoenix? - or a number of other airports for that matter?" I also concede that for travelers with long lay-overs, it may not be that comfortable - but neither is LAX! Again, all in all, while some chages would be nice, I don't want to give up the greater benefit of ease of access and exit to and from the plane. Unless KCI becomes a hub again, KC should be very cautious about what it does with KCI - consider what will work best for those that use the airport. I haven't seen or heard anything yet that identifies greater benefit; if there is and I've missed it, I'd like to hear it.

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