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Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota is removing Nordic Skiing as a varsity sport. Although we are still being relegated to a club team, it does us, nor the college any good to have a non-NCAA competitive team. The team is devastated by this news and is trying to do everything in its power to and fight this.

We as a team were blind-sided by this decision. We had no prior knowledge of this and were absolutely shocked by this decision. The way the team was informed was rude and disrespectful of the feelings of the team.The athletics department said that we did not fit into the "future plans of our school" and in addition, the decision "was not about money." It was not because of the performance of the team, the strength of us as students, or how we benefit the campus in general, only because of the "interests of the college."

Three years ago, it was Saint John's University/ College of Saint Benedict. Now it is Gustavus. Who is next? This is a short-sighted decision by the college because skiing is such a valuable, life-long sport.

We as skiers, students, and friends, ask the whole ski community to sign this petition to show how valued collegiate skiing is around the area, or even the world. We appreciate your support and ask to spread the word.


  • Michael Bourne There are currently 9000 high school students participating in high school skiing. 4000 of them in Minnesota. There are currently 26 schools offering NCAA level competition, 10 of them are D3 liberal arts colleges. The college has a wonderful opportunity to provide an experience that is found in very few other places. A marketing dream. Who do you attract. Generally a focused, driven student with good time management skiils. A student that has been mentored by his community and is very likely to be a mentor to their younger colleagues. A person who is health conscious in an otherwise declining health world. A student, because of the nature of the sport, is environmentally aware of the need for clean and open space for recreation. In my experience, a student who is more likely to volunteer to help with mentoring or helping the community. What more can you ask for in a student you are trying to attract to your school. You have a perfect niche sport to attract students with stellar personality traits. Students you know that you will be proud of as alumnae. Be proud of what your school has produced and keep the nordic program as a NCAA competitive sport

  • Thomas Kendrick Suddenly cutting the Gustavus Nordic Ski program is not just hard for the current members of the Gustavus ski team, but it is a huge setback for the ski community of the Midwest as a whole. Minnesota has possibly the best high school ski program in the country, and it is a huge shame that without Gustavus there will now only be two NCAA nordic ski programs in the state of Minnesota that offer both men's and women's skiing. Great people from the Midwest work long and hard at skiing and academics through High School, let's try to keep them around for college!

  • James McLean I attend CSB/SJU, a MIAC school that once had Nordic Skiing, which was cut in a similar fashion to what is currently going on to our Gustie friends. In our research and hope to preserve our own sport, we found that Nordic Skiing brought the top students at our school that not only excelled in academics but also in other sports such as Cross Country Running and Track & Field. By eliminating Nordic Skiing, Gustavus' Administration will be at great risk of losing talented prospective students who would enrich the school's classes and sports arenas. Do not limit the scope of who would like to attend your school, keep Nordic Skiing alive.

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    Charlie Maddaus

    2 months ago Comments: My success as a student and as a cross country runer in the fall was a direct result of my participation in Nordic skiing at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Over 40 years after my graduation, I'm still skiing and active in the sport, while Bates, which became an NCAA Division I program my senior year, has continued the tradition of a small liberal arts school competing at the highest level in NCAA sports. It's sad and truly disconcerting to me, that Gustavus can determine that a lifelong sport like Nordic skiing does not fit into "the future plans" of the school. What greater future do the existing sports at the school offer than Nordic ski racing.
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