Save our Community Schools (Eagleswell & Llanilltud Fawr)

We are trying to gauge the reaction of parents from both schools and members of the wider community with regards the proposal to amalgamate Eagleswell Primary School with LLanilltud Fawr on the same site as LLantwit Major Comprehensive and Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant. The sale of the land on which Eagleswell School sits will fund the project. The rumour is that this land is to be sold for more housing and a convenience store. These proposals will impact on the lives of many. We are in no doubt that a brand new school will do wonders for staff and pupil morale however, as with everything, there are pros and cons, losing the small school ethos for one and traffic congestion. We feel that as parents and members of the local community, we should have a choice in the type of school our children attend. Please sign this petition if you are against the closure of Eagleswell School to fund the amalgamation of two schools on an already pupil saturated site


  • Nat Lewis It would be a shame if financial constraints were put ahead of the education of young children. This plan would also increase the risks for children who have to walk further to school. It will inevitably have an environmental impact as parents will be forced to drive their children to school, and thus in some circumstances forcing parents to incur additional costs for the convenience of the council. It also sounds like the community will be losing a valuable green space, whilst a large number of children get crammed into an already stretched area, which will become even more so with the new building that will obviously be required. Not to mention the disruption that the building work will have on the children already at the school. I spent most of my secondary school life in "temporary classrooms in Llantwit comp. It certainly compromised the standard of education and that was without the noise of construction going on around me.

  • Victoria Davies My old primary school, some very fond memories there. To knock it down for more houses is wrong. Let's save this school!

  • katie Please save this school as they helped me with my confidence and loads more

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    Paul Browning

    11 months ago Comments: Destruction of a community school and a green space. Labour (the workers' party!!!) and their Llantwit Major First mates seem quite happy to do this in one of the less wtwell-off areas of the town. Yet council tax in Llantwit is higher than Coutwbridge and all the leafy villages out in the Vale...... )
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    Stephen Jenkins

    11 months ago Comments: My children had an excellent education at the school. Smaller primary schools are less intimidating and better of a child's education. 'Super schools' are not the answer. Good luck with the campaign
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    David Evans

    11 months ago Comments: -
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  • Handover of the petition to take place Monday 24th March at 5pm, council offices, Barry. All support welcome! Thank you everybody who has signed, it shows that we are not alone, it should have been a community consultation, lets hope that the council realise this and will start to listen to us!
  • 17th February last day for any objections. If you have anything to say about the proposed ammalgamation, please do so at
  • 10 day countdown starts tomorrow before objections have to be with the council. Things to think about:- The financial proposal does not add up, unless Eagleswell is sitting on a gold mine! There could still be a huge shortfall, has anyone asked where that will come from? Floodlights glaring till late from 3G pitch! Congestion 5 days a week!
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