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Hello everyone, I'm sure you're all very busy, but it has come to my attention Dr. Somma's job is in jeopardy. She received her notice of termination, without warning, that said that she was being dismissed because she was not well fitted for teaching at the College of Alameda and she is not well fit for the learning and teaching environment. There was no concrete evidence for her termination, but rather, ambiguous and superficial explanations for the dismissal. It is apparent to all her past students that this is not true. We all understand firsthand that if a student works hard in the class, they are not only rewarded with a good grade, but a wealth of knowledge cannot be attained from other Chemistry 1A classes in the Peralta District.

In addition to this, students walk out having done a research project that none of the other chemistry professors in the Peralta district have taken the initiative to take a part of. Dr. Somma's dedication to her job goes past what students typically encounter from professors here in the Peralta District. Over the past couple of years, she has been developing a revised lab manual for the College of Alameda to use. This is evidence that Dr. Somma's dedication to her students and to her job exceeds the expectations of many students in the Peralta district. If you share the same views that I do, please take some time to write a quick positive review on

Even better, you could draft an email describing your positive experience with Dr. Somma and email it to the president of COA, Eric Gravenberg ( and CC Dean Goldberg ( and President Goldstein ( describing why you think Dr. Somma should not leave the Peralta school district next year.

Also, PLEASE simply sign your name in this online petition, stating that you agree that Dr. Somma should not lose her job under the claim that she was not performing her job to the fullest. **Thank you for taking your time to do this. I really do hope that our efforts in supporting Dr. Somma will result in a positive outcome! Thank you again, and I will keep you posted.



  • Anonymous I was in the first class that Dr. Somma taught in the College of Alameda and it prepared me well at UC Berkeley. Since I matriculated into UC Berkeley 2 years after taking Chemistry 1A, I wanted to retake the course at the university level to ensure that I was up to par with my peers and with UC Berkeley's standards.
    Through that process, I found that Dr. Somma's class, my notes from her class, my memory of the material, and the experiments were extremely useful and contributed a lot to my mastery of the material. I feel that my A- in a 1500+ student class that is graded on a curve was possible through having had Dr. Somma as a professor. From this experience, I feel that Dr. Somma's teaching comparable to 4-year university standards, which leaves students extremely well-prepared for 4-year universities.
    Additionally, I think that Dr. Somma is approachable and gives great opportunities for students, such as the opportunities for students to be her assistant after taking the class.

  • Victor Liang Dr. Somma is a great teacher. She has a lot of love for her students, and this shows in her dedication and hard work towards the students' success.

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    Alan Ordorica, United States

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    Victor Liang, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Dr. Somma is a great teacher. She has a lot of love for her students, and this shows in her dedication and hard work towards the students' success.
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    Reuben Preciado, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Dr. Somma was my instructor for chem 1a at alameda. She was demanding and quick paced but I left the class prepared for chem 1b and organic chem. I'm glad I took her class and would do it again.
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