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If you support Colby College Rugby as a player, friend or fan and want to keep the sport alive for future students, please stand with an alumni group who is trying to save Colby Rugby.

Colby College has decided to end its men's and women's rugby program due to lack of financial support from the administration and due to a "growing awareness of health and safety risks of a high collision/impact sport." We, as a group of alumni, students and supporters, feel that this decision was made too quickly and without any communication on what costs were required. We demand that the Administration provide a detailed byline of the costs needed to keep the program going, and discuss other possibilities in which the College can support the rugby program.

Sign the petition to the Colby College Administration to save Colby Rugby and let them know that as a student, alumni or supporter, you think the Colby Rugby program should be preserved too. *If you are an alumni or student, or parent to an alumni or student, please note the class year in the name field, e.g. John Smith, '06 or Bob Smith, P '06.

For the past 30 years, two seasons of the year, the rugby program has taught hundreds of students lessons of fair play on the field, provided a strong sense of camaraderie, and most importantly, taught how to become part of a team. For some, it has even helped students come out of their shell and evolve as young adults, bridging friendships among new faces, and ultimately helping to make the most out of their College experience. Now it's time to save this program that provides so much more to students than just a chance to run on the field. Join us and help keep the game alive!

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  • Connor Gallagher Bowdoin rugby supports Colby rugby!

  • Stephen Wright Bates Rugby alums support Colby Rugby - fight the good fight, Mules.

  • Marc A. Rando '89 In short Colby Rugby was a difinitive part of my formation as a teacher, coach and adult. Not to mention it was so much fun. Was just reliving rugby stories with friends last weekend. While I understand financial and liability concerns, I hope that Colby can make it work.

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