Last minute changes to the Draft Local Plan (available from here: have been swept into the proposal during the busy August holiday season and relate to land at Manor Farm, Highgate (Site Reference CHER5/7). The change would mean the removal of a number of large existing farm buildings, replacing them with a new build of 22 houses crammed onto just 1 hectare of land. This new proposal will have a major impact on our homes and everyday lives for those not just living on Highgate, but in the wider Cherry Burton community. For Example: • Increase in Flood Risk due to strain on already faltering village drainage system leading to potential local flooding • Increase in noise pollution during and after works • Decrease in already poor road safety due to increase in traffic during and after works, both on Highgate, throughout the village and at the busy Malton Road junction • Increase in light pollution • Change from a rural setting to new build zone • Damage to the Conservation Area • Further decline in populations of Bats, Barn Swallows, Tawny Owls and Barn Owls Please log your objections here by the 30th September: And sign this online petition before the 27th September



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    Nancy Roussy

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    Shomi, China

    1 year ago Comments: The market has "missed a tech boom" of sorts aerdaly, because the tech just hasn't generated revenues yet: that's my point.But that is the point. could not generate any revenues but was given a ridiculous market cap because the Fed flooded the system with so much money it had to go somewhere. But that's how the market works, it can only count the money: it's not supposed to predict the future or measure stuff like "progress."Stuff like progress? Was it progress when Clinton/Grennspan/Bush conspired to get poor people with lousy credit histories to buy their own homes? Is it progress to have a derivative market that runs into a quadrillion dollars? Is it a true market when it is distorted and manipulated by central banks?If you think productivity gains are overrated, to what do you attribute graphs like this?Get rid of low value added jobs, replace labour with machinery and you get a chart just like that.Sure, part of it is just the lower-value stuff being offshored- though even that is partially driven by technology, whether computers driving logistics or better shipping tech- but most of those gains are obviously driven directly by tech.They are driven by reducing the numerator, which is labour. It is driven by the way you count the data. For example, Apple is not a manufacturing company but its products are counted in many of the categories that are being reported. On the whole aggregates may be good for arguing but are not as useful as you may think. odqtqvejq ztecdoqung
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    Lily, Japan

    1 year ago Comments: Wow! I am so impressed by your phtoos and your ability to try so many more ideas Kelly put up on the forum than I did! I love the bathtub Elf tradition so cute! waekcordkf ubwthvbkx
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