Save Campa Cola Compound

About:Apex court of justice mets out injustice rendering 986 people of Campa Cola Compound homeless. Please help us save our homes. Help us save our memories. But most of all, Help us get the justice we deserve.

Description: Imagine being told to leave your home. A home where you have lived for all your life. A home where you spent your entire childhood. A home where you have a lifetime worth of memories. A person puts in his everything to buy a house, and then puts in even more to make it a Home. Just the thought of losing one's home can send shivers down someone's spine. But this is not just a thought. This is what is going to happen to me and more than 140 other families living in the Campa Cola Compound in Mumbai.

A lot of you will already be having some idea of the situation at Campa Cola Compound, for the others the article will help give some background.

The families have been living here for almost 25 years, during which we have paid all legal fees such as registration, property taxes, and municipal taxes. Yet, it has come to a stage that we will have to vacate our homes any day now. We are willing to coordinate with the authorities, and pay any fine that is required. But the Supreme Court has asked no authorities to interfere in the matter at all. Such a harsh judgement, given that most of the area to be demolished is under the regularizable area according to the Municipal Corporation.

The harsh order does not take into consideration the plight of us residents. The Apex court of justice mets out injustice will render over 600 people, including senior citizens, children, and women, homeless. It is a judgement unheard of anywhere in the world.
The residents were shown papers by the builders when purchasing the apartments which did not show any illegalities. But now, The perpetrators of the crimes (the builder) become the largest benefactor while innocent Residents are left homeless.

Where are we suppose to go? How are we suppose to vacate a house in which we have lived for 25 years within 48 hours?
This is NOT Justice. This is just the opposite. In our country, even the slum have the right to get legalized. If slums are demolished, slum dwellers are rehabilitated. Then how do we, law abiding citizens of this country, not even get the opportunity to save our homes.

We know that this does not affect your homes. But today it is our homes, tomorrow it could be yours. Spread the word to as many people as you can. We can do with any support we can get. Help us save our memories.
Help us save our memories. Help us save our homes. Help us get the Justice we deserve.
#Justice #SaveCampaCola



  • Kanthan why a voting public dwelling should be touched after charging them with levies for the past 26 years. It is ridiculous if charged prop tax too, and have they, the BMC arranged to return them all that is levied on them with cumulative interest at 49% before you start disturbing their living and booked at least one of those who could not have gone blind whatsoever, and where is the builder and how is he tackled or is he dead - where has the law thought about those things and in the absence of this, is there any smell of justice done

    campa cola people are not going to purchase BMC's hope that with 26 years of stay, they got the value of money they paid and can walk out to occupy footpath

    Campa cola also need a man who could convince SC well what the voting public deserve and not leave BMC likes with graft monging

    if campa cola is disturbed, then bribery is going to challenge the voting public for long and that need not be allowed through campa cola
    and they shall not live on assurances comeforth for them just again to play cheat on them

  • Rhea Dharia Why are victims being punished! This is not done. I wish the government understood humanity. You cannot force 500+ people to evacuate from their houses all of a sudden! What is the state CM for? Why isn't he helping. This is atrocious! They're innocent residents.

  • Pankaj There could be a possibility that some builder or construction company may have bribed some minister to demolish campa cola to construct something new and earn more.

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