Save Arun District Council's Badgers from Culling

This is a national issue which will be of direct concern to the people of ArunDistrict Council when DEFRA "rolls out" its culling policy in 2014. The object of the petition is to ensure thatArun District Council's badger population is as safe as possible from slaughter and that the already available injectable badger vaccine against bTB is used in as many cases as possible. We ask this because we believe the culling policy is inhumane (DEFRA's measurement of "humaneness" is to time the screams of wounded badgers), inefficient (previous culls showed an increase in bTB because of badger movement) and unscientific (the majority of scientific opinion hold that a cull will have "no meaningful result").

To preserve the integrity of this petition please only sign it if you live, work or study in theArun District Council area of West Sussex.

For details of badger petitions in other parts of England, please contact B-R-A-V-E

We, the undersigned, call on ArunDistrict Council to prohibit the culling of badgers on council-owned land and invest in vaccination programmes locally. We ask this because we believe culling to be inhumane, inefficient and unscientific.


Norma Kearton



  • Christopher Hill Lets make sure that NO badgers are killed in West Sussex as a part of a stupid and callous culling programme.We love old badger and he does not deserve to be blamed and murdered for the ignorance of farmers and government .

  • Jill Gurney Scientific evidence has shown culling badgers to increase roaming and therefore the spread of TB. Whatever the motives for this cull, they are based on neither reason nor compassion.

  • geraldine rowland We have already lost countless badgers due to floods and cruelty - NO MORE!

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