Charge Michael Mitchell with a Hate Crime

All too often, minorities commit blatant hate crimes but are not charged with a hate crime. Media would have you believe that Hate crimes are solely perpetrated by whites against minorities, when, infact, the opposite is true. More Hate and Bias Crimes are committed against whites than whites commit against blacks. If there are going to be Hate Crime laws they should be used fairly and without bias. The following is a perfect example of somebody committing a Hate/Bias Crime: A Sarasota Military Academy student has been arrested in the shooting of another teenager in downtown Sarasota Friday night. Police say Michael J. Mitchell, 18, shot Dan. A. Azeff, 18, in the chest at about 10:40 p.m. Friday in the 1900 block of Main Street. Azeff, a student at Sarasota High School, was flown to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, where he is listed in serious but stable condition. According to police: Mitchell and Azeff were walking down Main Street last night, both with separate groups of friends. The two did not know each other. Azeff was wearing a hat with a Confederate flag on it and carrying a Confederate flag. Mitchell confronted Azeff, reportedly asking him if he was a racist. The two got into an argument and Mitchell pulled out a gun and shot Azeff once in the chest. Mitchell, of the 5300 block of Southerly Way, was arrested at his house early todayon a charge of aggravated battery with a firearm. This crime was clearly Bias motivated. The 8th Amendment of our United States Constitution guarantee equal protection regardless of race, age, sex, disability or national origin. We must demand fair use of Hate Crime laws across the board. Until that happens, nobody is safe and crimes will go punished unfairly. We respectfully plea to Earl Moreland, Florida State Prosecutor that this heinous crime be prosecuted as the Hate/Bias Crime that it clearly is.


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    James J Early, United States

    3 years ago Comments: What's right for one race is right for ALL races. Charge the Negro under "Hate Crime" statutes if not let there be "NO Justice ! NO Peace !" We in the White community can march too and we don't need race hustlers like "Rev's?" Al "Blackmailer & Extortionist" Sharpton or Jesse "The Philadering Embezzler" Jackson to "community organize" us. Please don't make us resort to "By ANY Means Necessary", if it works for the Liberals, Leftists, OWS, counter-culture Queer & "minority" friendly Marxist/Socialist/Communist malcontents, provocateurs, and agitators we may just adopt THEIR tactics though we prefer "law & order" be maintained by those elected to insure OUR "rights' are protected.
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    Walter Ring, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Hang the nigger and his family. White Power.
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    Martin Hibbert, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Hate crime laws work both ways.....charge this person with a Hate crime.
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