Operation Safehouse

This is the petition for Operation Safehouse, whose goal is to end equine slaughter in Illinois, and hopefully countrywide. Equine slaughter is inhumane and a disgrace to our nation. Horses are transported in trailors filled way past capacity, to \"kill auctions\" and put into holding pens, where they are extrememely likely to get kicked, bitten, and even killed. If the horse survives, it is led into the auction pen, usually with a group of other equines who are frightened and a lot of the times hungry. They urinate and deficate on themselves, they are so frightened. They are usually bought by \"killer buyers\" and brought to one of the four US slaughter houses. There, they are prodded with electric cattle prods into small tunnels. They are then led into a metal holding pen where they are bashed on the head with a metal bolt, and the fragments of their skull render them immobile. They are put on a conveyer belt and hoisted by one back leg, almost always still living. They then have their throats slit and are hung, bleeding, until they are dead. After that, they are skinned and the meat is shipped out overseas and into Europe for human consumption. Now, does this sound right to you Please sign this petition and end this horrible suffering today!!!


Operation Safehouse


http://www.equineadvocates.com http://www.horse-slaughter-statistics.com http://www.hoofpac.org http://www.uan.org http://www.equineadvocates.com/hs/inside.html


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