Stop horse slaugther with required Equine Passport

A horse is a companion of us human beens for centuries.The whole history of our world would have been so different if we wouldn\'t have had horses. Farmers would have had a lot more work to get the harvest done. There would have been less food for us if horses wouldn\'t have ploughed the fields or brought the harvest in. We wouldn\'t have spent so many hours with our companion HORSE for pleasure and competition if they had not be arround. They can\'t speak but we can speak for them. To keep a safe life and a safe end for our horses lets get on our feet and fight for a required passport for horses which will say if they are alowed for slaugther or not. It is a law in the European Union that horses who are going to be slaugthered have to have a passport which will tell the slaugther house if they are allowed to slaugther or not.Lets go to Ottawa and fight for a required passport like they have in Europe for every horse. We want a passport for every equine and wouldn\'t allow to slaugther of any equine without an existing passport.


We are a family of equine enthusiasts and horse lovers who want to have a humane enviroment for all equines and we will fight for it.

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    Bernadette Hobart, Canada

    7 years ago
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    GH Colborne, Canada

    7 years ago
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    Carol Anne Morley, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Humane transport and slaughter facilities should be required, which they are not, check CBC news. If we must slaughter horses please lets rethink the entire industry, humane treatment should always exist.
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