Ryans needs investigated for criminal insanity now

Signatures shown on tab above. Becuz this is a shitty site run by shitty admins who do a shitty job at both life and business, the comment box very rarely works for anything more than 25 letters, if that, when it works at all. Rather than let it piss you off, you can skip comments and just sign. This petition is to show online community support for the IRL investigation and intervention of MySpace user "Ryan" @ profile.myspace.com/index.cfmfuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=141384710 for evidence of any & all sociopathic symptoms that may indicate a clear and present need for institutional psychiatric placement and restraint for the protection of the community based the repeated observations of his online essays that have been very often and commonly agreed to be mentally degenerated to the point of being visible symptoms of criminal sexual, severely sociopathic and psychologically dangerous ideas, thought patterns and rationales. Examples include but are not limited to his posts explicitly demonstrating: Self loathing Race fixation Arrested social and sexual development Criminal sexual deviancy Sexual Confusion Egocentrism Delusional detachment Stalking Social isolation Cognitive maladaption Intrapersonal underdevelopment Emotional instability Pronounced free-form thought deviation Overtly grotesque hyper-intellectualization Escapist fantasy identity Disassociative & Other Personality Disorders Verbal discontinuity Tangential cognitive deconstruction Internalized racial dysphoria Valid e-mails are not required to sign. Testimonies in addition to signatures are useful to substantiate the above assertions; please reference links where possible. This petition will then be forwarded to appropriate site, social, community and where applicable, legal authorities for investigation. Thank you for your time to help protect the community and advance Ryan towards receiving the treatment that can both improve his life as well as remove an obviously dangerous threat from the community.


Save us from online psychopaths


Whack Jobs Profile: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfmfuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=141384710


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