Do not implement the new Runescape changes!

I have been on the runescape forums for over an hour, and although i am a certified speed reader I cannot keep up with the rate of posts to read them all. I thought this would be a great alternative to Jagex trying to read them all, and i have seen MULTIPLE thread petitions started under the forum stickys. The gravestone idea is fineto me, however, everything about the unbalanced trade deletion screams unfair and broken. I, like others, like to help out friends. I recently gave a full dharoks set to a friend since he had helped me more than several times recover my items while we were fighting together in addition to other things. In addition to removing player to player gifts, what if I want to buy items from other players at prices above market ITS NOT AN UNBALANCED TRADE IF I DONT CONSIDER IT UNBALANCED! For example, if i want to train mage at the mage training arena, maybe i value cosmic and nature runes more than the market price, and i CHOOSE to buy them more expensive from players. Taking away the freedom to choose is the worst part of this proposed update. The warning message is fine albeit annoying, but the January change is intolerable. Also, this update will completely ruin several skills, including mining and runecrafting. I used to trade my full inventory of ores to helpful players when mining, cant do that anymore can I Or if someone was nature running for me and i would trade them my nature runes for essence, that wont work either, will it Guess you\'ll have to untheme your air and nature essence running THEMED WORLDS, because you have destroyed the theme itself. Jagex, you have listened to your players before and incorporated their responses, like in the duel arena. Listen again to the most massive outcry i\'ve ever seen on the forums, or you will lose this 3 year veteran, as well as many others. I dont pk nearly at all personally, but i think it should not change either as so many players besides me do as well. Here is the list of reasons I have thought of as well as found on the runescape forums. - We Play To PK- DEFINED- PLAYER-KILL.... NOT RUNESCAPE-KILL - No X-Mas Gifts, No helping friends - no trading cooked for raw/raw for cooked - no trading herbs for seeds/seeds for herbs - no trading herbs+seconds+vials for pots - no trading straight herbs for pots - no trading cannonballs for steel bars - no trading fletching supplies for finished products - no giving double nats - no trading hides for range armor sets - no running bones to someone at your altar - no law running - no running planks for someone - no training firemaking and woodcutting together. One person cuts the logs and gives to someone else to burn. - no hiring people to tan your hides for you - no giving free loads of fish to people when you\'re power fishing - no ore running - No ess for runes - no bars for armor Sign this petition to show Jagex how strong the opposition is to the changes! Sign your runescape name, or just your own name if you want! Ill promote this on the forums, hopefully it will grow!


The Honest Players of Runescape



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    masterful57, United States

    7 years ago Comments: i like pk as much as the next guy but i mean getting rid of it compleatly is just rong. I used to help people out and find any way to give my friends some new things or help someone colect things and that was fun but now i just work for myself. i just want to be able to give my friends the help they need or help someone i dont even know. the only update i like is the grand exchage that sould stay the rest should go.
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    Sox Dude 54, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This new update is ridiculous! It has already hurt the game enough and things will just get worse. Jagex will be losing popularity and money in the long run (for membership subscriptions) and they'll be sorry for it. Several people have moved to other games, and unfortunately this will continue unless this "trade update" is completely removed!! It's ruining the game completely for the players, and if they players don't like the game ... there will be no RuneScape!
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    Vanarek (lvl 70), Belgium

    7 years ago Comments: PLEASE Jagex if you read that ! PLEASE remove that stupid update for the happyness of an enorm load of people !! this updates killed a big parts of the game-play !! this game-play that you wanted to protect !!!
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