Retain Father Ruggiero as the Pastor of St Catherine of Siena Parish Mississauga

We the undersigned wish to make it known that the Community of St Catherine of Siena RC Church, in Mississauga, Ontario disagree with the decision to relocate Father Ruggiero DiBenadetto from our Parish.

- We protest the re-assignment of our Pastor Father Ruggiero DiBenadetto.

- We would like to see Father Ruggiero DiBenadetto remain at St Catherine Of Siena RC Church indefinitely as our Pastor and our spiritual leader.

- We believe that he has brought necessary and welcome changes to the Parish which created a wonderful transformation in our community. And that he has yet to complete his mission in our parish and community alike.

- We believe that we are a stronger and a healthier community and Catholic community since his arrival.

We humbly ask The Scalabrini Missionaries to reconsider their decision to relocate Father Ruggiero DiBenadetto away from a community that loves him so much. Allowing Father Ruggiero DiBenadetto to remain as Pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church is what this community needs to keep growing in Christ.

We thank you in advance for hearing our prayers.



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    Rohoni Ramkelowon, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: -
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    Gina Bruno, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: As a parishioner of St.Catherine of Siena, for 30+ years, we never had a Priest that did so much to the community. We need Father Ruggiero DiBenedetto back at St.Catherine of Siena.Church. Since he left the community is not the same.
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    Dr. B. Roy Raghunan, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: Dear Fr. Matthew Didone, c.s. Provincial Superior I have read your article on the bulletin, and while I understand and appreciate your concern, I feel, Holy Father, that Fr. Ruggiero could best serve the continuing needs of his Parish at St. Catherine of Siena, Mississauga, Ontario. You stated that “… we could not go back on our decision since many other Fathers were involved in the process.” From a statistical perspective, and which our decisions are based on statistics, whether implicitly or explicitly, and with due respect, dear Father, we could always make exceptions to the ‘rule’. God did the same to Moses; Christ did the same on many occasions. Who are we then who cannot make exceptions and changes, particularly for the best interest of the Parish and its Parishioners? The Church Fathers have unwittingly made mistakes throughout its history. Yet, I beg you on behalf of the Parish Community, to make an exception to this case. Fr. Ruggiero is NOT a renegade priest, nor does he want to win a popularity contest; he has started a mission at the Saint Catherine of Siena Church Parish and whether he wants to leave or not, it is our intention as parishioners to have the needs of our embryonic parish met with the blessing of the Scalabrinian Fathers. Fr. Ruggiero has been fulfilling that mission in a most Christian way as he has the ability to access the spiritual resource of the Parishioners to worship and love God with their whole heart, mind and spiritual resources; and to love one another as Christ has loved His flock. You noted, dear Father, that “…when we place ourselves at the center of the Community and take the place of Jesus, sooner or later we are going to cause problems and difficulties.” However, that does NOT mean that we have lost the ability to live out the Gospel—the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes we have to march into hell for a Heavenly cause. Fr. Ruggiero has been able, as no one has done before him, to assist his parishioners to not only carry their respective cross, but to give them the strength to lighten their load and be grateful for the cross that they have been carrying. Fr. Ruggiero has been the instrument of God and who has been able to impart knowledge, wisdom and the love of Christ to their fellow parishioners to build an ever changing and multiethnic community. It is very difficult to integrate a multiethnic community. No one could wear the others ‘shoes’; not ever St. Peter or St Paul could have worn the shoes of Jesus. Hence, as Fr. Ruggiero started a mission, one that requires the ability to achieve the trust of his multiethnic parish community, for the sake of the parish community, we beseech you to re-evaluate your decision and with due respect to your thinking, re-install Fr. Ruggiero to our multiethnic community Parish, Mississauga. It should be known that Fr. Ruggiero fulfilled his pastoral ministry in Toronto, Ontario, in Valencia, Venezuela, and mainly in Montreal, as a Vice parish priest in Pompeí Parish. Since September 1998, he serves as a parish priest at the Madre dei Cristiani Church in LaSalle. The following was stated: In LaSalle that Father Ruggiero has lived his most beautiful and edifying experiences as a priest. In fact, newly arrived in September 1998, he took care of the construction of the new Church. Under his direction, and with the generous and constant collaboration of many volunteers, he carried out the New Church project execution, which saw the light in the year 2000. Later on, under his leadership and impulse, in only five years the accumulated debt with the diocese was paid, and the interior decoration of the church was provided and paid, particularly thanks to the pictorial and artistic work of Francisco Santoro, an Italian artist living in Venezuela. Later on, the bell tower was added (on Lefebvre street), to complete the original design of the Church. One of the latest projects our father is personally involved in as a guide, is the welcoming of the Latin American community of LaSalle-Verdun-Lachine and Dollard-des-Ormeaux localities to our church. Until now, the response has been very positive. Hence, it would appear to be prudent that Father Ruggiero, who completed his mission in Montreal, and started another at the St. Catherine of Siena, Mississauga, Ontario which has been, thus far very successful, but incomplete. Father Ruggiero is not asking for tender mercies from the Scalabrinian Fathers but, us as parishioners of the St. Catherine of Siena Community are requesting that Father Ruggiero complete his work here. Why leave unfinished work? Christ completed his mission ion earth from the time he was born, St. Joseph having to safeguard the Holy family by protecting Them and moving from one place to another, Christ bringing light of the new covenant at age twelve when He was ‘lost’ as the Temple, teaching the Gospel and converting sinners, showing Himself as God in the Transfiguration, giving of Himself at the last supper, and finally being crucified for the atonement for sins, and finally the resurrection. Christ remained where it was necessary to fulfill the needs of the community in which he preached and also, made allowances, even to the annoyance of his disciples and others to ensure the fulfillment of his teachings. So to, we beg of you for a change of decision and the statement ‘if we do whatever for one we have to do for all’ is not statistically or empirically correct; neither does it follow the from the teachings and life of our Lord, Jesus Christ. On behalf of the Parish Community of Saint Catherine of Siena R.C. Church, we implore you to return Father Ruggiero to our parish in an attempt that he could continue to weave the fabric of unity, peace, love, sensitivity, and sharing and living the Gospel in our multiethnic parish community. The mission statement of Father Ruggiero for his multiethnic Parish community at St. Catherine Of Siena Parish, is a Christian congregation that serves the needs of his Parish Community, while engaging, and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey to honour, love, respect, and continue to share whatever resources—spiritual, financial, fellowship—to all. Further, his mission statement for Saint Catherine of Siena R.C. Church is as follows: “… (Saint Catherine of Siena R.C. Church Parish Community) is a friendly community that worships God, and serves others. We place a high priority on teaching from the Bible and following the example of Jesus. Our vision is to impact and renew Mississauga, Ontario and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words and actions. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are - we'd love to get to know you. We continue to be in need of Father Ruggiero to continue to weave that web of God’s love and compassion in our Saint Catherine of Siena R.C. Church Parish Community. Yours In Christ, Dr. B. Roy Raghunan, C. Psych.
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