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RuneScape is currently one of the most popular online, massively multiplayer games. With thousands of players online each minute, it has grown significantly since its creation in 2000. One of the most popular features of RuneScape(RS) is its Player Killing(PK-ing) system. The system allows players who choose so to be able to fight and defeat fellow players for treasure. Originally, the system started out as one in which players may fight anywhere they choose, except for designated \"safe zones\"(Lumbridge Castle). This was done via a simple switch on the options menu, allowing players to choose between \'pk\' and \'non-pk.\' The only catch was that it could only be toggled once. Later, a new system replaced it, the Wilderness system, where players can only fight in specific places in the Wilderness zone. We therefore request Jagex, the creators of RuneScape, to allow players to try the old Player Killing system, with any necesary changes. It is not demanded that it stay, but only to see if players will enjoy it and agree with it. This petition will be sent to Jagex via Email. If you agree with our cause, sign below.


This petition is sponsored by Handofyan and Zouass, Runescape players. You can reach them at and

Links The website of Jagex, with their different games, including RuneScape.


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