Roseau Minnesota needs a skate park.(and why)

Roseau Minnesota needs a skate park because we have like 3,000 people in population.. Roseau is a town for hockey in most peoples eyes but what about the others the people in bands,sports that involve danger, etc. We get left out of the town of Roseau because we don't play hockey like the rest.And for us skateboarders, bmxers, and aggressive skaters we are a bad human group of people in some peoples eyes. Because we do a hobby that we love. We do a hobby that involves grinding on curbs,or rails for staircases and we get the cops called on us. Us skateboarders,bmxers, etc. think its unfair how we get left out of stuff because we don't play hockey. And no one ever considers making something for our hobby. Roseau has made like 5 baseball diamond,football field,pool,track field,tennis courts, 2 hockey arenas.It's just not right how the others got something but us people in the other group cant get a skate park like Greenbush If we did get a skate park we will go out and get donations from nearby stores to cover the cost and then we will see what we can afford. I have found a site that will give us stuff we can sell and the money will go to our town, and also i found a construction company that applies the skate park for you all Roseau will have to do is find a area and cover the specific area with cement and the website will produce the ramps and stuff for us and then they will bring semi trucks here to install the skate park the way we want it set up.


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    Jeremy john wulff, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Skatepark FTW!
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    chris milne, United States

    4 years ago Comments: sounds like a good way to keep kids outta trouble and practice something beside sex drugs and well they can still rock! i couldn't think of a better use f public funds id say we have plenty of cops plenty of flags hung up enough parks and not nearly enough for the youth try thinking about them instead of yourselves and it will benefit you in the long run
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    Angela Castle, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Roseau needs more activities for, outdoor activities, and a skate park is a great idea. I am a nursing student, and a current project in the medical field is promoting diet and physical exercise for our youth. (Healthy People 2010). This is a great way to implement that.
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