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Get Rory Gallagher inducted into the Rock''Roll Hall of Fame.

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To: Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame We, the undersigned, declare that Rory Gallagher, Irish Blues guitarist and songwriter, should be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame as soon as possible. Rory Gallagher is now eligible for induction as his first record was released more than 25 years ago. Rory has legions of fans the world over, and his music and guitar playing continue to captivate fans and musicians worldwide. Indeed he has influenced and inspired many artists including Slash, Brian May, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, John Hammond, The Edge, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, and was invited by Muddy Waters to play on one of his albums. A man who was a kind, humble and gracious human being, was held in high esteem by his peers, passed away in 1995 at the ridiculously young age of forty seven. He left behind an outstanding back catalogue of songs and his live performances are stuff made of legend. Rory Gallagher played the Blues with his heart and soul. No one played like him, no one sounded like him..........he was and still is.......a one off.


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  • 6 hours ago
    Valeria Brazil
    6 hours ago
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    Marco van den Berg Netherlands
    9 hours ago
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    Rachel Marie Faili United States
    14 hours ago
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    Stephen Tisdall Canada
    1 day ago
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    Brad Schuler United States
    1 day ago
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    James United Kingdom
    1 day ago
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    Benjamin closier United Kingdom
    2 days ago
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    Ed Manet United States
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    Gilbert Almaraz United States
    4 days ago
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    Mark Stauffer United States
    5 days ago
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    Don Wolfe United States
    7 days ago
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    António Silva Dias Portugal
    1 week ago
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    Paul Haavard Noettveit Norway
    1 week ago
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    Tomas VERA Spain
    1 week ago
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    David Ng Canada
    2 weeks ago
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