Nobel Peace Prize for Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul has stood courageously against the current American support of foreign intervention and military aid around the world. Such policies not only have spelled economic disaster for the USA but also has resulted in the deaths of thousands to millions of innocent civilians, men, women, and children. He also opposes sanctions that have caused governments and tyrants control of food supply and other leveraging tools. His non-interventionist foreign policy is not only a return to the founders principles and a road map for the American people but is a beacon for the world to follow as an example of both friendships and peace. For these reasons I encourage the nomination of Ron Paul for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.


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    Tammy Pope, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    Abhinav, Finland

    6 years ago Comments: I am 20, student and not an American. But there is something in Dr. Paul that appeals to me more than any other person. His courage, dedication, persistence and consistency, honesty and all the positive attributes that I could ascribe in a human being fit enough to be worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. As a child one is always been taught to instill certain qualities within, that would eventually personify the epitome of Mankind. And today, within the limitations of my sheer consciousness,and with all the valuable teachings that I am blessed upon, all I can see as an embodiment of all the qualities that are expected in you, me and indeed all of human kind is no other than Dr. Paul. He differentiates each individual as a free spirit, with a right to live in a free manner. He is a voracious reader, an inspiring politician, whose stance on various political agendas have not just exposed the truth about what life has become today for Americans but for the entire mankind. courage, Honesty, Leadership, Dedication, Inspiration, Influence, Love, Freedom, Persistence, Consistency.... name any.... Dr. Paul is synonymous with all the positive analogies.... I might have my own weaknesses on assessing Dr.Paul. And yes, he is not perfect... But if we are looking for a perfect being, we will only be accompanied by disappointment. So shall be the consequence, should we pursue the quest for anyone else with higher moral value. I personally have never been inspired in as so much as by Dr. Paul.
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    rabah, Algeria

    6 years ago
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